3 Appliances to get you through the winter

3 Appliances to get you through the winter

Winter is coming,  maybe it’s already here and you need to get your home ready for the cold. Appliances are a great way to fight the cold and stay cozy inside. It’s not just your heating system that gets you through the drop in temperatures, there are other helpful appliances that can provide much-needed heat during the winter months. 

Another thing to remember this holiday season is that if you are planning on updating your appliances you need to think about how to dispose of old appliances properly and get the right people for installations. Keep Santa’s gift safe and sound. 

Now let’s get the heat going with the top 3 appliances for this winter. 

A Good Stove to keep things hot

One of the best ways to stay warm is with hot foods and drinks, that’s the main reason you need your kitchen to be sturdy and reliable during the winter. Make sure to take care of this appliance and prepare to repair quickly if you need to, you’ll be grateful you know who to call in case it needs it. 

Another way to keep your stove in top shape is to clean it after every use, this prevents debris from damaging or obstructing its functioning. 

Warm-up with an Oven

Ovens are another must-have for the winter. Big or small these appliances can warm up even the coldest winter day and you don’t have to be watching over them. Ovens make cooking easy, plus the heat they produce can help warm up your kitchen space. 

Pop a chicken, cake, or other dish and wait for it to cook, while heating up your home with just one appliance, the oven. 

How to take care of your oven for winter (and always)

  1. Clean after every use
  2. Use only oven-safe containers 
  3. Read recipes carefully and follow instructions 
  4. Deep clean every month if you use it a lot 
  5. Get familiar with the instruction manual for better use 

Stay cozy with a Dryer 

Dryers are a lifesaver any time of the year but especially in the winter. These super useful appliances will keep your clothes dry and warm so you can enjoy your days. On particularly cold days you can pop a blanket in the dryer for a few minutes to warm up, same with your clothes before going out to work, etc. 

How can you take care of your dryer?

  • Clean the filter after every use 
  • Don’t overload 
  • Clean the drum often 
  • Only repair with people you trust 

There you are 3 simple, useful appliances you already have that can help make this season into a real winter wonderland.

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