3 common electric cooktop problems and how to fix them

simple ways you can fix 3 common electric cooktop problems you can encounter

The kitchen can be the center of all the fun in the house but it can also be the cause for a few headaches, here are simple ways you can fix 3 common electric cooktop problems you can encounter. 

So you were trying a new summer recipe or just making a cup of tea and your cooktop stopped working or maybe it didn’t start, don’t worry we have your back! 

It won’t turn on

One of the most common electric cooktop problems and a big one because you cant cook if your kitchen doesn’t turn on. 

What can you do? 

Check if your kitchen is plugged in, check that your outlet is working and your electrical systems are alright. 

If this is not the problem then it’s probably something internal and you’ll need to call an expert

Coils are not heating up

This could be caused by a faulty connection between coil and power, here’s how you can fix this common problem:

  • Clean the coils
  • Check that the coils are set properly 

If that doesn’t work, call Maydone! 

Cooktop light doesn’t work

You could be having problems with your control switch or the light bulbs, the last one can be easily replaced. 

For the control switch, you might need professional help. 

Here are a few other basic tips when dealing with appliances problems

  • Turn the appliance off 
  • Check for damages or loose parts 
  • Go to your appliance manual for help 
  • Ask online forums
  • Call a professional if it seems too complicated
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