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3 Oven problems and how to fix them yourself

So, your oven won’t heat or the gas burner won’t light and you don’t know what to do or who to call, don’t worry! We’ll tell you the best and easiest fixes for the most common oven problems, and if you need help here’s who you can call to repair your oven in Toronto. Ovens are one of the most useful appliances in any kitchen, allowing for cooking without constant supervision and being responsible for some of the tastiest dishes, and desserts. They are also easier to fix than you would imagine, at least for the problems we are covering here.

This list will run over the basic and most solvable oven problems you could encounter in your kitchen:

  1. My oven gas burner won’t light 
  2. The oven can’t heat to the right temperature 
  3. You can’t shut the oven door

Sometimes the issues could continue even after trying these fixes but at the very least, you can rule some causes out and be able to explain more in detail to the repair service you end up calling. If you need some help choosing the right appliance repair or installation service on the link is a guide on spotting the best options. 

Now let’s get started fixing your oven problem 

My oven’s gas burner won’t light 

If your oven’s gas burner won’t light and you have a gas stove, you can try this.

If it lights from an electric ignition that isn’t working, try using a match or long lighter to light the range burners. In the case that the burners won’t light but it’s not because of an electric problem. You can try to troubleshoot it. 

  1. Remove the burner grate, cap, and base.
  2. Clear the burner from food or other types of waste with a compressed air tool or brush.
  3. Clean up the burner grate, cap, and base too.
  4. Now, check the wires that connect the igniter to the control module, if you see a loose connection tighten it. 

Still no flame? You need to call for technicians as it could be a kink in the gas line or you could need a new igniter. 

The oven can’t heat to the right temperature 

You could have an issue with the temperature sensor, that’s not letting the oven function properly. To check your temperature session, do this.

  1. Make sure the sensor is not touching an oven wall, that would not let it measure correctly. 
  2. Get an ohmmeter and test that the sensor is functional. The resistance should rise the same as the temperature increases.
  3. Check on your heating elements. 

You can’t shut the oven door

An oven with a door that won’t shut is an unsafe oven. It could leak out into your home, cause burns to people nearby, and waste a ton of energy. If your oven door doesn’t shut properly, do not use the oven until you fix it. Here’s how you can fix this:

  • First, check your door gasket or oven door rubber. If it’s worn, torn, or broken replace it. If that doesn’t work try the next points. 
  • Before you start it’s important to disconnect the oven from the gas and turn the gas off, same for electrical ovens unplug and then get started. 
  • Take the door off by pulling straight up and then out. If it doesn’t work, check to see if you need to unscrew any door hinges.
  • Check the door hinges for wear and tear. Replace them if you need to. 
  • Take out the bottom drawer and check the under the oven for broken door springs. The ends of the springs should be wrapped around two bolts. 
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