3 reasons your dishwasher may be leaking and how to fix

3 reasons your dishwasher may be leaking and how to fix it

Dishwashers are one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. Used often and great assistance to keep things in order and clean. It is rare that dishwashers cause more mess than they clear but one of those instances is when they are leaking. So, what can you do to fix a leaking dishwasher and how can you figure out what’s causing the leaking? 

Let Maydone show you 3 simple solutions to 3 leaky dishwasher problems. We tackle the most common culprits of a soapy dishwasher mess in your kitchen. 

A faulty drainage 

This one is pretty obvious, right? 

Your dishwasher is leaking because the water used isn’t leaking properly. You need to check your drainage system to see if you have debris clogging the drain, a nick in the drain hose, or an installation problem on your drainage. 

Check your drain line for problems, you can use your manual to find it. Check its integrity and that there are no gaps on the hose clamp or broken seals in the water duct. 

You can easily change a broken drain line and fix the issue. 

The water supply line is leaking 

So, we’ve checked the water on the way out now you need to check the water coming in. Your water supply line is what feeds the dishwasher with clean water to run its cycles. 

How can you fix a dishwasher leaking water supply line?

Find your water supply line or hose and check that there are no cuts on the hose, that it’s properly connected to the dishwasher, and that the pressure is correct. 

Replace faulty supply lines and make sure hoses are tightly connected to the appliance. 

A clogged filter that can’t clear water properly 

Another reason for a leaking dishwasher is a clogged filter. This not only causes leaking but can be quite unpleasant in general. 

Why are clogged filters so damaging?

  • A clogged filter prevents debris from leaving the dishwasher
  • It can cause bad smells 
  • It can make dishes washers unsanitary 
  • It can cause the leaking of water 
  • It can damage the dishwasher 

What can you do about a clogged filter?

  1. Identify where your filter is 
  2. Open and clean your filter 
  3. Repeat often 

Other causes to consider for a leaking dishwasher

  1. You used the wrong type of dishwasher soap 
  2. Your dishwasher installation was uneven 
  3. Your dishwasher door locks, gaskets or seals are broken
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