3 simple ways to fix a leaky refrigerator 

3 simple ways to fix a leaky refrigerator

A leaky refrigerator can be a pain in your everyday life, not only is it possible that your food is not being preserved properly it can cause damages to your kitchen floor and cause accidents. Someone could slip on the leaking water, you might have to change your floors or you can just fix it with the help of Maydone!

There are a few reasons your fridge can be leaking, some you can tackle on your own but if you try them all and still experience this issue it might be time to call the experts, like Maydone. Appliance repair is a tricky business but it can be manageable by yourself if you follow the suggestions of experts and know when to call for help.

Here’s what to do before getting your hands dirty:

  1. Have a mop or rags to dry and clean the floor after you fix the refrigerator 
  2. Turn off the fridge and unplug to avoid electric accidents 
  3. Get gloves and the proper tools 

Let’s get started with what you can do to fix a leaky refrigerator!

Change your drain pan 

You will find this appliance part at the bottom of your refrigerator. There you will see a compartment that holds your drain pan. You will have to remove the cover in different ways depending on the model refrigerator you have, once you do that you can slide the drain pan out. Be careful because it’s most likely filled with water. If you see any sign the pan is damaged, replace it to fix the leak. If the pan is full but not broken the leaking problem is somewhere else. 

Clean the defrost drain 

Many refrigerators that have freezers also have a freezer drain and that’s where your leak can be coming from. Consult your manual to see where the freezer drain lines are and try clearing them from frozen ice or debris so it can properly drain the freezer. You might need to defrost your freezer to make it work again. 

Level your fridge 

A refrigerator, and any appliance really, that is uneven may experience problems because things are not flowing the way they should be. Makes sense for water to end up in the wrong place when it can follow the path it should. Use a level measure both horizontally and vertical, keep in mind fridges are usually tilted towards the back so adjust until you see about a one-half inch tilt towards the back. Check your modem manual to see the specifics of adjusting legs for getting the level right. 

Check the water supply line 

The water supply line is essential for the functioning of any fridge but it can also cause leaking problems. You can find the water supply line usually in the back of the appliance. Check the tube for holes or damages to the entry or exit point. Keep in mind that you might need more professional help for installing a new one. 

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