3 ways to take care of your washing machine and dryer so they last longer

3 ways to take care of your washing machine and dryer so they last longer

Your washing machine and dryer are a superhero appliance combo, they save you time, leave your clothes clean and ready to wear. Yet they also need to be taken care of. These two are some of the best, biggest, and most expensive appliances in your home so it always makes sense to maintain them.  

You might be thinking there’s nothing I can do to make these appliances last longer but there actually are a couple of things you can do, and they are super simple to do. Make your washing machine and dryer last as much as possible, so you can save on a new one or resell when you want to update your washing machine and dryer. 

Cleaning your washing machine and dryer 

It’s weird to clean the appliances that are in charge of cleaning your clothes but you have to, no really you do. 

If you don’t clean your washing machine and dryer:

  • You could have mold there, which can lead to skins allergies and smelly clothes 
  • It can affect the drain of the washing machine and the vents of the dryers 
  • Makes the appliances have to work harder to clean 
  • Can cut years of use from the appliances

So here’s what you can do to make sure your washing machine plus dryer stay clean and working. 

For every load 

We know some people have a lot of laundry to do and keep their appliances going all week long, here are some simple actions that keep your washing machine and dryer (and your clothes) cleaner. 

  1. Leave the doors open after the wash to clear the humidity 
  2. Use the right type of detergent 
  3. Don’t leave wet clothes in the washing machine or dryer for too long
  4. Empty the lint filter after use 
  5. Don’t overload the appliances 

Deep cleaning 

Every few months you should do a deep clean of the washing machine and dryer depending on how much you use them. Here are the three basics.

  1. Clean the drums 
  2. Clean the door and door gaskets 
  3. Empty and wash or change filters  

DIY maintenance 

There are certain tasks that you can take on yourself for the maintenance of your appliances. This includes replacing some parts and making sure no problems are in the horizons. Remember there are a ton of resources on our blog site on how to do these, so check our blog for more help.  

Here are some simple maintenance things you can do for your washing machine and dryer:

  • Cleaning the duct filter of your dryer 
  • Installing new hoses for your washing machine 
  • Checking the water supply for your washing machine for leaks 
  • Adjusting the balance of your washing machine or dryer 
  • Replacing dryer duct

Calling the right appliance services 

A bad repair job could really be the end of your appliances, plus it cost twice as much to get something repaired twice. When facing an appliance repair or installation, the best strategy is to choose the right one from the start, seems obvious right? Well, a lot of people take chances with their appliance repairs and end up paying for it doubly.

  • To choose the right appliance repair service:
  • Check out their reviews 
  • Go to their site to see if they work with your brand 
  • Choose a place with a warranty 
  • Ask for original repairs parts 

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, call Maydone! 

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