5 Appliance trends you should avoid

5 Appliance trends you should avoid

Appliance trends can convince us we need this or that new gadget on the market, but sometimes it is more hype than function. The items on this list won’t cause a disaster in your kitchen or laundry but they are not all they appear to be, you’ll be better off getting the traditional models and making the most of them. Here are 5 appliances (we think) you should never buy. 

One of the critical things to do before buying a new appliance or jumping on an appliance trend is to ask ourselves a few important questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this appliance or feature? 
  2. Will I use this appliance or feature often? 
  3. Does this appliance make my life easier?
  4. Is this purchase cost-effective? 
  5. Will this appliance fit in my space?

These questions will help you filter out possible outrageous or useless purchases in the appliance department, and below you’ll see our own list of appliances we’d rather avoid. 


We know they look cool, there’s no dyeing that, and we also understand the appeal of having a hidden vent system that just comes out when you needed. The thing is they are not the best for actually venting. 

Most downdrafts on the market lack the power to ventilate properly and because of design they also don’t reach a big enough capture area to get all the smoke and smells out. 

It’s best to invest in a more complete ventilation system and install a range hood or other. 

Black finishes on appliances

This one is a style dilemma because black appliances look great and work the same a s other appliances. The issue starts when you begin to use them. 

You will spend a lot of time getting stains out of black appliances and you will still be able to see all the marks on the surface. 

If you are set on this type of appliance finish, pick reliable durable appliances to make your perfect dark appliance style last longer. 

Extra load washing machines

You don’t actually get that much extra space for the added price it will cost you, so it’s not really worth it. Using a few more loads on your regular washing machine is more effective as well. 

On average you will be spending $300 to $700 more for a few cubicles of clothes and nothing else. Unless you are going industrial size it’s a bad deal. 

Super quiet appliances 

Are you really that bothered by the sound of the dishwasher or dryer? You, need to think this one through considering the price tag of these silent appliances. 

Research the quietest model in the traditional ranges and you should get almost the same results for a lot less.

The “smartest” appliances 

There is a lot of hype around super-connected homes and having smart appliances but its most of all marketing and selling tactics. 

You can get the same models with fewer smart features and still enjoy connectivity with a smaller investment. 

All the “extra” smart features are nice but they don’t really affect the way you store food in the fridge or wash clothes. 

Get smart and avoid this one.

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