5 washing machine problems and how to fix them?

5 washing machine problems and how to fix them?

Washing machines are one of the most necessary appliances in any home. Having your washing machine break down or not function properly can be a huge annoyance, so it helps when you know a few quick fixes to try on your own. That’s why Maydone created this helpful list of 5 washing machines’ problems and how to fix them yourself. 

Because washing machines are connected to both water and power sources it is important to be careful when doing repairs, even small ones. Please remember these tips when fixing your washing machine:

  1. Disconnect from power 
  2. Have towels and a mop close by to collect water 
  3. Read your instruction manual when in doubt 
  4. Use appliance-safe or natural cleaning products 
  5. Get someone to help you move the appliance 

My washing machine is not washing 

There could be a lot of reasons your washing machine is not washing from an electrical issue to a simpler obstruction. 

  1. If it won’t turn on the first to do is check your power connection (carefully) like cables, energy socket, and the fuse box. 
  2. If you have a top-loading washing machine check the lid strike switch on the door, this switch is essential or the washing machine to turn on, check that it can move freely, and if obstructed clear it. To clear turn a washing cycle on and then push the blunt end of a pen into the receiving hole on the appliance. 
  3. If your washing machine is turned on but not spinning you need to check your directional cogs in the plastic agitator and replace them, you can also try a factory reset using your owner’s manual. 

My washing machine is not draining 

If your washing machine is not draining the primary reason will most likely be an obstruction in the draining system. This could be a buildup of detergent and washing debris accumulation in the water hose, the entry or exit points, or the drain pump. 

To clear this type of obstruction use:

  1. Hot water and long item like a stick to push the obstruction out of the way and wash away the rest of the debris. 
  2. You might need to separate the draining elements from the appliance to get better results. 
  3. Check your washing machine manual to identify all the parts of the system and eliminate the source one by one. 

Tip: One of the best ways to avoid this type of washing machine issue is to get your appliance professionally installed

My washing machine leaves my clothes smelling bad 

In case you don’t know, you need to wash your washing machine. If your washing machine is leaving your clothes smelling bad then you probably have an issue with the hygiene of the drum or door compartments. 

  • You should clean your washing machine every few months and more often the more you use it. You can try the self-cleaning cycles or running an empty cycle with hot water and vinegar. 
  • Clean the door, door gaskets, and seals 
  • Clean the detergent drawers 
  • Empty the washing machine filter
  • Let your washing machine’s drum dry after use 

My washing machine is dancing around

A moving washing machine can be a hassle and even dangerous, not knowing where your dancing washing machine is going to end up can put a damper on your laundry habits. 

Most dancing washing machines are doing so because they are unbalanced or placed on uneven surfaces. 

  1. Make sure your washing machine is balanced 
  2. Install your washing machine on a flat, stable surface 
  3. Add a stabilizing mat under the appliance for extra safety 

My washing machine is loud

A loud washing machine can be disruptive in any home since most of us want to do laundry not start a band. 

Loud and clanky washing machines are usually caused by objects trapped in the drum and uneven appliances. 

  1. Clear your washing machine drum from objects jumping around, they could be between your drum and the outer seal, be careful and remove it. 
  2. Stabilize your washing machines to avoid noises caused by movement 

If the noise is very loud that could be a sign of a loose drum and you would need professional help for that issue, better call Maydone!

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