9 reasons why your refrigerator stops cooling

9 reasons why your refrigerator stops cooling

If you find your food is going bad before time or that it’s not keeping as well, then you might have a cooling problem with your refrigerator. This appliance is one of the most powerful and necessary in any home, so having issues with it can be a real headache for anyone. 

The good news when you are having a refrigerator problem is that you don’t need to get a new fridge right away, there are solutions and tricks for getting your cooling power back. Some of these you can even try yourself, for the rest just call your local best appliance repair service. 

1. Your coils might need a cleaning 

Coils, the part of the cooling system located in the back plays an important role in cooling down the inside of your fridge. When your refrigerator coils are covered in dust and dirty they may not function at full capacity, causing a reduction in cooling. Carefully move the refrigerator so you can clean these, use a vacuum and be gentle so you don’t damage or bend the coils. 

2. Problems with your electric setup 

Your appliance may not be getting enough juice to run properly. So, check that the refrigerator is properly plugged and that your outlet is solid on the wall. If you find an issue here it’s best to call professional appliance repair services

3. Dirty door gaskets

Dirty door gaskets can be preventing your refrigerator from closing properly, causing the cool air to slip out and reducing your fridge’s capabilities. Use a wet cloth with a cleaning product to remove food or other debris that could be accusing this. 

4. Your temperature settings need changing

Your refrigerator might have reset setting on its own or changes in temperature could be affecting the fridges cooling capabilities. Once it gets hotter you might need to increase power, lower the temperature settings to get the same results. Check your settings and try a new combination to see what works. 

5. Cool airflow is blocked 

Sometimes items in the refrigerator can get in the way of the cold airflow. Look inside to sew where your cold output is located and if there is any food or drink standing in its way. 

6. Bad fridge location 

This one is quite a hassle, you might have placed your refrigerator in a place that is too hot, too exposed to the elements or other heat sources causing it to lose its cooling power 

7. You need to stock up your refrigerator 

Having your refrigerator stocked up can help it maintain the temperature inside, with items holding their own cooling power. So, remember the rule for fridges is not too full, not too empty. 

8. The fridge is not leveled 

For a perfectly functioning refrigerator, it should be close to even levels. The general rule is from side to side it should be leveled completely, but from front to back a tilt of  1000 mm or ¼ inch toward the back allows the doors to shut properly. 

9. The refrigerator doesn’t have enough space 

Refrigerators have a clearance space to work properly, this allows for the appliance to be properly isolated from other appliances and have ventilation. The exact clearance measures depend on the brand and model you have. A good general clearance is 3/8-inch for the sides and 1-inch behind. 

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