A detailed guide on: How to buy a washing machine?

A detailed guide on: How to buy a washing machine?

Washing machines are a big investment for homeowners, they are one of the most expensive appliances and also one of the most used. That’s why it’s so important for you to make a good choice when picking out a new washing machine to take home.

At Maydone we specialize in appliance repair plus installations and as one of Toronto’s best appliance services, we’d like to help you make the best choice possible. 

What type of washing machine is best for your home?

When choosing your new washing machine you’ll have the option to go for at least three types of appliance. 

  1. Front-load 
  2. Top load and 
  3. Portable washing machines 

These options determine where you load your laundry from and the last one allows you to take your washing machine with you. This last choice is more suitable for people in nomadic situations that need to move around a lot. 

The other two options front load and top load all depend on which is more comfortable for you and how you plan to place the washing machine once you get them.

What features do you want your washing machine to have?

Washing machines have a ton of advanced features now that range from multiple wash cycles to smart connectivity, but it all comes down to what you need to have in your home and how you use your washing machine. Maybe you need a quiet washing machine for doing laundry at night or a smart washing machine you can turn off from the office. 

Here are some of the top features to look for in a new washing machine:

  1. Silent washing 
  2. Cycles for delicate clothes
  3. Energy-efficient appliances 
  4. Smart connectivity, app control 
  5. Eco-friendly cycles and performance 

Best washing machine brands 

You might be overwhelmed by the number of brands and models that have washing machine options, so we thought we would narrow it down to our top five washing machine brands. These are brands that make long-lasting, high-performing appliances that are a great addition to your home. 

  1. Samsung 
  2. LG 
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Electrolux 
  5. Maytag

Think about placement 

After you’ve decided on features and brand then you need to look at your home. Where is the washing machine going to be and how will it work with the rest of your stuff. 

You should pick a place that is comfortable in terms of size and location, where you can also fit maybe a dryer or laundry items like a drying rack, detergent, and laundry baskets. This will make washing clothes an easy chore.

Take detailed measurements 

Taking accurate and detailed measurements of where the appliance is going to go will ensure you don’t have problems fitting it in. It is a key part of the whole process. 

Get it installed by professionals 

Getting your washing machine installed by professionals is the best way to go if you are not experienced in installing appliances. Washing machines in particular require expertise because they need to have a connection to water lines, drains, and electricity which increases the difficulty in installations. 

Use it the right way 

Now you have your washing machines installed and ready to go, the next step? Using it the right way, read your manual to get a sense of the cycles, get the right detergent and make sure to clean your washing machine periodically.

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