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A guide to getting rid of your old appliance to install a new one

So, you got a new appliance, congrats! But now you have to get rid of the old one and do it the right way. Many times homeowners get hit with fines and unexpected hassle from not knowing how to get rid of old appliances. We can help you figure this out and help you install your new appliance easily! 

Depending on where you live the processes for getting rid of an old appliance will change in schedule, but the options stay pretty much the same. Thankfully there are more than one ways to get rid of old appliances. 

Here are a few things you should know before getting started 

  1. Is the old appliance still working? 
  2. What brand and model is it?
  3. When is your new appliance arriving?
  4. How long can you keep both appliances at home?
  5. What day and time can you dispose of an appliance according to regulations? 
  6. Will you need help with the old appliance? 
  7. What is your local regulation on appliance disposal? (Just the main ones so you don’t get fined)

These answers will help you come up with a disposal plan and keep you on the right track to get rid of and install your new appliances. 

So, what are some options to get rid of old appliances? 

One of the advantages of getting rid of old appliances is there are many options for you to use. 

Trade it for something else you want 

If your appliance is in good or working condition you could get a good trade for it.

  1. Some appliance stores give you discounts for appliance trade-ins
  2. Some used stores allow for appliance trades 
  3. There are online groups where you can organize a trade with someone else. We suggest you look on Facebook and find one close to you. 

Sell it  

Appliances that are in good condition or still work definitely have a place in the market.

  1. You can sell them to a used appliance store 
  2. You can sell them to someone you know
  3. You can have a garage sale 
  4. You can sell them on Facebook Market or other sites 

Tip: When you sell your old appliance make sure the buyers try it out before taking it

Plus, if your appliance is not working at all you can still sell it for parts. 

Toss it in the trash (The right way)

You cannot dispose of old appliances the way you do everyday trash, because these items require different transportation and handling but there are ways to get them to the trash or better yet recycle piles. 

Depending on how it’s run in your locality, you will

  1. Have a number to call for appliance disposal arrangements 
  2. Have a particular day when appliances are picked 
  3. Have a specific dump site for appliances 

How can you find this information?

In Toronto, your appliances will get picked up on garbage disposal day and you can consult more information here.

For other cities, check your local website or call the city sanitation or garbage department. 

Depending on where you live, you will have an assigned day or number to call for appliance disposal. Some places have special dumpsite locations for appliances and others do pick-ups. You will need to research what’s the proper way in your municipality. You can call local trash help numbers for specific information on this. You can find information on how to dispose of appliances in Toronto here. 

Donate or give it away

Don’t feel like you can trade in or sell, then donate! A lot of non-profits, churches, and community centers will be happy to take in your old appliances. Check your community resources and nearby places for alternatives. Here are some options for donating appliances in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Installing a new appliance 

Now you are ready to install a new appliance, and the best way to install an appliance is with Maydone!

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