Appliance guide: how to get dents out of stainless steel appliances?

Appliance guide: how to get dents out of stainless steel appliances?

Stainless steel finishes are one of the most popular appliance styles, they can be sleek, modern, and long-lasting. These appliances are usually durable and ready to take a lot of use and handling but like any other appliance sometimes they break or need repairs. So, how do you get dents out of your stainless steel appliances? Let Maydone show you a few tried and tested fixes. 

There are a few ways you can get dents out of your stainless steel appliances, you can try them depending on what you have at hand and the type of dent you have. If you are also looking to get water stains out of your stainless steel appliances there is also this guide

Now let’s get that dent out! 

Push it out from the opposite side 

If your appliance has a thing cover then this will work, plus it’s the most direct and easiest way to get the dent out of the appliance. 

All you need to do is find the center of the dent and push back from the other side of the issue. 

Tips for pushing out a dent from a stainless steel appliance:

  1. Use gloves or a towel 
  2. Use a tool like a sift mallet 
  3. You can also use hot water to help the dent pop out – Be careful so you don’t burn your hands

Try the hot and cold method 

Stainless steel plating is made from metal which is super responsive to temperature, so it can expand and contract when exposed to heat and cold. 

How does it work?

Use hot water on the dent to expand the metal and pop out the dent, if that alone doesn’t work mix the two. So, use hot to expand and then expose to cold quickly, like a hair drier on cool or air blast, to contract and get the dent out. 

Use a plunger

Plungers can world amazing in getting dents out of appliances, and even cars. They suction on the dent center so you can pull the platting out with the handle. 

Use water, maybe even hot water for more effect, to seal the plunger into the surface and pull out. 

Dent removing tools 

There are also dent specialized tools. These work, like the plunger, with suction but are exclusively made for appliances dent. 

Set the dent removal tool over the dent and pull. This is the basics of it but be sure to read the manual for more classification. 

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