Appliance guide: How to install a washing machine and dryer?

Appliance guide: How to install a washing machine and dryer?

Washing machines and dryers are two of the most used appliances in any home. Depending on the size of your family you will be doing laundry almost every day. So, if you have a new washing machine or dryer to install you want to get it done the best way possible. Appliance installation is pivotal to maintaining the equipment in good shape and protecting your investment. 

Maydone has put together a quick overview of what your need to do to set up your new appliances. However, we do advise in most cases that you get professional installation for washing machines and dryers. Here’s why:

  1. These are expensive appliances that need to be properly installed 
  2. You are going to be dealing with dangerous elements like high voltage electricity or gas 
  3. Washing machines and dryers are heavy and have plenty of components that can make installation complex 

How to prepare to install your washing machine and dryer?  

  • Choose a space in your home that can fit the appliance and laundry elements comfortably 
  • Install hot and cold water lines to connect to your appliance 
  • Get an electric evaluation on outlets to see that they can handle the power pull 
  • Get your toolbox ready
  • Have cleaning supplies close 
  • Turn off the electricity while you install, only turn it on to test afterward when it’s safe 

Applicence guide part 1: How to Install your washer?

Step 1: Connect the hoses

Check your manual to see what side belongs to each temperature, then connect the hoses to the cold and hot water sources. Follow your washing machine manual for extra instructions. 

Step 2: Install the pipes

Pipes are there to drain the water from your washing. You can connect them to your drain or laundry sink, or you can use a standpipe to attach them to the drain system. Most washing machines come with all necessary parts but depending on your situation you might need to get more supplies like a longer pipe or other stuff. 

Step 3: Turn on the washing machine

The last step is to check if you did a good job. You will need to check the appliance by using it, this will show if you have leaks and other installation issues. 

Applicence guide part 2: How to install a dryer?

We are specifically explaining the installation of electric dryers. 

Step 1: Install the Prong Cord

Start by making sure the power is turned off to avoid electric accidents. You will either have to install a 3 or 4-prong cord. The process is pretty simple. For 4 prong cords just match each wire by color. Look out for any copper strap or green wire that is going from the ground to the white wire. 

For 3 prong cord, you will need to connect the red wire from the dryer to one of the outside wires, The other outside black wire to the black wire from the dryer, and the white wire in the center to the other white wire. 

Step 2: Hook up the vent hose 

The last actual installation step is to hook up the vent hose to the duct to the outside and port the dryer. 

Step 3: Test the dryer 

All that’s left is for you to turn on your dryer and test it out! 

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