The best way to organize your fridge

The best way to organize your fridge

Order in your refrigerator can save you money and time, better preserving your food, in the right place so you know exactly where everything is, take a look at the best ways to organize your fridge. 

Clean it out

The best way to start organizing your fridge is to clean it out because you probably have things in there that shouldn’t be there (happens all the time). 

When you clean your refrigerator out you make more room for the cold air to flow and stay, keeping other food cold, also the fridge won’t have to work as hard to keep things at temperature and you save on electricity. 


Dividing the content of your fridge is going to be key in organizing it, separate everything into specific types and give them their own space, here’s a way that might work for you from top to bottom:

  • Leftover / Ready to eat (like yogurt)
  • Vegetables and fruits 
  • Meat and Fish 
  • Sauces, juice 

You can look at your fridge manual to see an indication of where to put certain food, but this layout can work for most fridges, and use the compartment to separate it. 

Shop smart

This isn’t only one of the best ways to organize your fridge, shopping smart also help you keep it that way, knowing that what you are buying will be used. 

Shop consciously, getting food that will be eaten so you don’t have a surplus littering your fridge and can save money on groceries. 

Extra tips:

  • Put everything back in the same place 
  • Separate according to fridge users when sharing space 
  • Clean routinely 
  • For anything that goes wrong, you have Maydone!
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