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Christmas Emergencies: Repair Tips for A Broken Oven

Christmas is near! This time of the year, many people are preparing festive meals for their loved ones. But what if your oven stops working just before the holidays? No worries – we have useful tips on how you can fix your oven. And, if nothing else works, you can contact our technicians. There’s nothing […]

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How Long is The Lifespan of Your Appliance?

What’s the lifespan of each appliance in your household? This article tells you how long you can expect your washer, fridge or dryer should last. Are you in the process of buying some new appliances for your home? Before spending a lot of money on an appliance, it can be interesting to know how long […]

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How to Decorate Your Appliances for Halloween

Everyone knows that the 31st of October is Halloween. If you are having a Halloween party at your house, you might have your costume sorted. But what about your appliances? Here are some ideas on how you can decorate them for the party. What should be the main goal for a Halloween party? Correct, to […]

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Are you waiting for the perfect time to clean your kitchen appliances?! Not only do we have the best advice when you should clean them, but also some good tips on how to clean your appliances quickly and effectively.   When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen appliances? As winter is approaching, you’ll […]