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Common microwave problems and how to fix them yourself 

Microwaves are one of the most well-used and handy appliances you can have. They can be real-life savers for smaller places that can’t fit an oven. Newer models even have oven and roast features. And like most appliances, they also break down and malfunction occasionally. Maydone is here to help you save time and fix the most common microwave issues yourself! 

What do you need to do before fixing your microwave? 

  1. Test the appliance while plugged in, what is the issue?
  2. Find your appliance manual 
  3. Have tools handy like a screwdriver 
  4. Get ready to clean 
  5. Patience and safety come first! 

Remember that when fixing any appliance you need to disconnect them from the power source and be mindful of parts and components. 

Problem #1 My microwave is not heating 

The more time and use, the more likely you run into this issue. Its completely normal and it could have simple solutions. 

Let’s look at it one cause at a time. 

The door switch is not working

Microwaves won’t heat unless the door is properly closed, its a safety measure and it can cause your meals to stay cold if you don’t know where to look. 

  1. Make sure the door is clicking shut when you close it
  2. Check for anything blocking the door 
  3. If damaged, replace the door switch. Use your manual to find it and replace it with the right model piece 

The voltage diode needs replacement 

The voltage diode is elemental for heating in a microwave as it conducts the electrical power. 

  1. Check to see if your voltage diode is burnt or dislodged 
  2. Fix or replace the voltage diode 

If you don’t know where the voltage diode is look at your appliance manual, or call the microwave repairs service

Your magnetron needs to be replaced 

Magnetron is THE part of the microwave responsible for generating the microwaves that heat up your food. If this is the issue, you are better off getting and installing a new microwave

Problem #2 My microwave is noisy 

Nobody likes a noisy appliance, especially one you can use to make a midnight snack so let’s fix that noisy microwave.

The platter is out of place 

The first culprit of a noisy microwave is a platter out of place, make sure it’s in the right socket. 

Fan is dirty 

Clean out your microwave fan to lower the noise from the fan. Find it using your appliance manual. 

Problem #3 My microwave panel doesn’t work 

This is a huge issue since you can’t use your microwave at all without this panel. It also can seem a little more advanced fix than other but it isn’t. There could be two main things you can do to fix this. 

Membrane switch or control board. If either of these is not responding then your touch panel won’t either. We recommend you check these two components and replace them if you need to. If that doesn’t work, call Maydone! 

Problem #4 My microwave fan is not working 

It’s probably really dirty. We know microwaves are sturdy appliances and we can overlook cleaning them, but you really need to so they function properly. 

  1. Check the fan compartment of your microwave
  2. Carefully take it apart
  3. Clean all elements and assemble them back together
  4. If it’s not this then it might be the motor

Problem #5 My microwave plate is not turning  

This one is really annoying plus it affects the way your food heats up. The turning of the microwave plate assures an even heating. 

What can you do to make your microwave plate start turning? 

  1. Check the plate is placed correctly 
  2. Check and clean off any food debris
  3. Check the rotary system in the middle of the place for cracks, if its broken replace the part 
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  • This is the second time I’ve used their services, and both time was helped by Alex. He was incredibly thorough, punctual and incredibly diligent. He went above and beyond and even fixed a wobbly door under my sink. It’s always a pleasure to find a reliable and efficient service, and I would absolutely use Alex in the future!
    Briana Di Cecca Berge
  • Working in a veterinary clinic - we understandably go through a lot of laundry. Our washer was out of commission and within a very short period of time, Igor not only diagnosed the problem but had it fixed. He was efficient and easy to work with.
    Heather Anderson
  • When it comes to repairs you want professional, experienced contractors and on top of the problem you have. Maydone has it all. We worked with Alex (we highly recommend you ask for him) who was on time, polite, does the job, very neat and professional.
    Emilia Ianeva
  • Contacted them late in the day and got a response first thing in the morning. Techinicians came the following day, showed up on time and repaired it quickly. Wouldn't hesitate to contact them again in the future.
    Patrick Brown