3 Common Range Hood Problems And How To Fix Them

3 common range hood problems and how to fix them

Your range hood keeps your kitchen fresh and smoke-free, it’s an often overlooked but super helpful appliances, so don’t miss there 3 common range hood problems and how to fix them. 

Range hoods are especially important in the summer months since they help control the heat when you cook. Because they get rid of the hot, annoying smoke. 

Here are some quick fixes for the 3 most common range hood problems:

1. Range Hood won’t Turn On

You’ll need to check the circuit breakers to see if any have been tripped and reverse that so that it will turn on. 

Another place to check it where the range hood is plugged in if the outlet has blown or it’s not working. 

If none of this works it might be time to call in the professionals at Maydone! 

2. Strange Noises Inside The Range Hood

This is one of the most common range hood problems and quite an annoying one too.

No one wants the noise to minimize the benefits of cooking

Check your hood for any debris that might have been sucked in and left there, loose screws or parts. 

If you don’t observe anything and the rattling continues, call an expert.

3. Range Hood Light Not Turning On

Another common range hood problem, one that can go unnoticed, especially if the fan is still working. 

You’ll probably need to change the lightbulb.

If this doesn’t work check to see if the writing is still intact and call someone to replace it if not. 

You’ve blown past 3 common range hood problems and how to fix them.

Now you are ready to master the kitchen again! 

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