How to Decorate Your Appliances for Halloween

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Everyone knows that the 31st of October is Halloween. If you are having a Halloween party at your house, you might have your costume sorted. But what about your appliances? Here are some ideas on how you can decorate them for the party.

What should be the main goal for a Halloween party? Correct, to get the guests frightened. To reach that goal, it helps to put on a costume and prepare scary food. But all of that will not lead to success if you forget the most important part which is to decorate your home accordingly. So, the question is: How can you transform your lovely home into a haunted house?

Get Your Appliances in Halloween Mood

During October, you can find spooky Halloween decoration in almost every shop. We have collected some ideas on how you can integrate your appliances in the spooky house. 

Before you get started, we advise you to unplug appliances such as the washing machine or the stove for security reasons. In that way, you can make sure that nothing happens to your appliance or the decoration if it accidentally gets turned on.

Spooky Halloween Washing Machine

If you have a washing machine in your apartment, you should include it in your decoration. Our spooky idea is to put dismembered plastic limbs (you can buy them in a costume shop) into the detergent drawer. It looks especially spooky if you decorate them with fake blood or if they are attached to the door of the washing machine.

Blood Stains on the Fridge 

Can you even call it a Halloween party if there is no fake blood involved?! Therefore, fake blood should be one of your essentials when it comes to decorating your apartment. For example, you can use it to give your fridge a frightening look by leaving bloody handprints all over the door. Furthermore, it can be powerful to write something scary on it, such as R.I.P. Not only will your guests be scared, but it will also keep them away from taking too many drinks out of the fridge!

Range Hood Full of Spiders

Do you have a range hood above your stove? Great! To make it part of your spooky Halloween party, you’ll need a few plastic spiders and realistic looking cobwebs. Simply put them on your range hood and make sure the spiders hang down from it.

Frightening Halloween Surprise in the Oven

Your oven is a great place to place a hollow pumpkin with a candle inside. Just make sure to leave the door open so the fire gets enough air. Guests that get curious, where the light comes from, they will never forget the surprise in the oven.

Last but not least: Remember to remove all of the Halloween decoration before you use them the next time.

We know that Halloween parties can be very intense. In case one of your appliances doesn’t make it through the night, Maydone offers quick and reliable repair services. You can get in touch with us at any time of the day or night through our contact form or via the phone (+1 888 513 0052 / +1 289 801 7857) during our extended working hours (8 am to 10 pm)

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