Discover the hottest kitchen appliances trends for 2021

Discover the hottest kitchen appliances trends for 2021

The new years always bring exciting changes to trends in home decor and appliances. It’s one of the most interesting things to keep an eye on for those looking to remodel/redecorate their home and for new homeowners. The kitchen can sometimes be considered the heart of the home, where we go for warmth or comfort but it can also be a stylish place with tons of functionality and even technology. Take a look at what’s going to start off 2021 in kitchen trends. 

Appliances that can cook for you 

From the old fashion doven to the air fryer, appliances that have settings that can cook, tasty meals almost independently are one of the most popular and soughaftert items for any kitchen. 

They save time and allow the home owner to occupy their time with other things while they prepare meals. 

Here are the basics: 

  • Oven 
  • Microwave 
  • Rice cookers
  • Pressure cooker
  • Crockpots 
  • Air fryers 

AI-assisted or App-controlled kitchen appliances

Connectivity is going to be key in 2021. Having the ability to control your appliances through your phone will make life easier for everyone. Here a few things you can do thanks to this technology: 

  • Keep track of your grocery needs
  • Prevent your food from overcooking 
  • Programme your coffee to be done in the morning 
  • Defrost items in advance 
  • Search for recipes on the spot 

All good enough reason to jump on the smart kitchen bandwagon! 

Professional appliances 

A lot of serious home cooks are choosing to install professional-grade kitchen appliances into their homes to cook the way they want to. Plus these appliances usually last longer and have tons of power. 

Comfort built kitchens 

Having a bespoke or personalized kitchen built into your home is a great option for people with little space. It makes the kitchen feel natural instead of cramped and gives priority to the needs of the homeowner. 

You can hire professional to install appliances made just for your kitchen and have the kind of space your dreamed off! 

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