Donations for Second Front Ukraine Foundation

Donations for Second Front Ukraine Foundation

Maydone is in solidarity with Ukraine’s people. That is why we are supporting and sharing a link to make a donation to one of the organizations helping on the ground there. The organization we chose to support is the Second Front Ukraine Foundation. 

Why did we choose to support Second Front Ukraine Foundation?

There are many ways in which you can support Ukraine’s fight for freedom. We chose the Second Front Ukraine Foundation because it targets a really important part of the issue for citizens still living there, protection. 

As the organization’s mission is

“The funds will be directed toward supplying Ukrainian civilians with protective equipment, such as bulletproof vests and helmets.”

The money donated goes directly to the protection of the civilians still in the middle of violent zones and helps protect them from that violence.

They already have preliminary orders placed with two manufacturers for 1000 bulletproof vests each. The equipment will be level 4 kevlar vests, made of 2 plates and a vest. Which will arrive in Poland, be picked up by partners of the organization and then be distributed in Ukraine by Second Front Ukraine Foundation

The goal of this organization is to protect everyday citizens as they say

We stand with the people of Ukraine at this difficult time. Our goal is to protect cashiers, teachers, doctors, and front-line workers so they could continue to assist civilians and fulfill their basic needs. One bulletproof vest is one heart that keeps beating!”

How can you donate to Second Front Ukraine Foundation

Maydone has already donated and you can too here

For other ways to donate or general inquiries, you can contact or by phone at +1 647 204 3041

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