Everything you need to know about dryer vents

Everything you need to know about dryer vents

The dryer vent is one of the most important parts of your dryer. Responsible for ventilating the device and essential for its correct functioning. If this part of the appliance is not working then your dryer will not be able to dry and it can even become a hazard if not properly installed. So, take a look at the basics of dryer vents. 

What does the dryer vent actually do?

Your dryer is able to dry clothes by rotating the wet items in a heated tumbling drum so the hot air dries evenly and thoroughly. That hot air gets the water out of your clothes, and using a fan sends the moisture out of the appliance. 

That moist air must be expelled outside of your home, that where the vets come in. The plain tube conducts the hot air outside safely.  

Do you know which type of dryer vent you have?

There are various types of dryer vents. It’s important to know what your dryer has in case you need to replace this part of the appliance, you can usually find this information in your instruction manual.  Here are just a few.

  • Rigid and metal 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Semi-rigid metal 
  • Periscope or slim duct 

Extra tip: Vinyl or plastic dryer vent ducts are no longer recommended and should be avoided since are not resistant enough to the heat and can become a fire hazard. 

The best way to install a dryer vent 

Installation is one pivotal to making sure your dryer works perfectly and you avoid issues with the appliance, so keep these in mind when setting up your new dryer

  1. Choose the right room for your dryer 
  2. Pick easy to work with wall place the dryer vent exit 
  3. Make sure the hot air is released safely 

Problem with your dryer vent? Here’s what to watch out for

One of the best ways to avoid issues with your dryer vent is to keep it clean and clear of obstructions. To do that just detach and clean with a cloth or material indicated according to your dryer model. 

  • If the dryer tube keeps falling off. Try cleaning it or replacing the attachment clips or springs.
  • If the tube has a leak or punctures you will need to replace it entirely, call the pros is you don’t want to do it yourself. 
  • If there are mice or other vermin in the tube. To prevent this you will need to secure a metal grille to protect the entry of the dryer vent tube. 
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