How to Find the Best Microwave

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Do you want to buy a new microwave? As there is a lot of choices out there, this guide will help you to make the right choice for your kitchen!

When you’re about to buy a microwave for your kitchen, there are some things you’ll need to consider before purchasing one. Usually, microwaves have a life-span of about ten years, so it’s not something you’ll have to think about every other year.

These days, microwaves come with a lot of different features ranging from defrosting to pre-programmed settings and sensors that will automatically know how long your food has to be cooked. So, the level of sophistication you should choose depends on what you want to cook with your appliance. Buying a fancy microwave oven with features that you’ll never use will cost you more than an appliance with simple features that can heat, melt or make popcorn.

Which Microwave Type to Choose

First of all, you’ll need to know which type of microwave you want to buy for your kitchen.
There are different types of microwaves: Built-in, over-the-range microwaves and countertop appliances.

Countertop microwaves are the most popular ones. They come in different sizes and with different features. Furthermore, they are easy to install by simply unpacking them and plugging them in. Just make sure that there is a plug close to where you want to put your appliance. Another benefit is that if you ever need to move out of your apartment, you can take the microwave with you.

If you want to go for a built-in or over-the-range microwave, things are getting a bit more complicated. You’ll probably the help of a technician to install your microwave. But don’t worry too much about that, as you can schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals here.  

Built-in microwaves often have benefits, for example, if they are over the range hood. They often come with a great ventilation system that can filter smoke and odors before blowing it outdoors or back into the kitchen.

How Much wattage Do I Need?

Most microwaves have power outputs between 600 and 1200 watts. More power will ensure that the food cooks faster. Most recipes that are designed for microwaves require a power of at least 800 watts. This will make sure that the food cooks evenly and it will be enough power for most households. The more often you use the microwave, the higher the wattage should be.

Which Microwave Size Should I Buy?

Next, you’ll have to decide how big you want your new microwave to be. The size of your appliance should be defined by how many people are living in your household. You’ll probably need a bigger microwave if you are a family of four and a smaller one if you are a single person. If you want a built-in microwave, the space in your kitchen will define how big your appliance can be. There is more choice if it comes to countertop microwaves.

Capacities range from 0.5 cubic feet to 2.2 cubic feet. While smaller microwaves should fit most dinner plates, bigger appliances can be used to cook casseroles and larger dishes.

Every household has different needs when it comes to microwaves and what they should be able to cook. So, before you make a decision, which appliance to buy, think carefully about what you need and how much money you want to spend on it. Furthermore, you can compare different brands and types of microwaves here.

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