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Fire Hazards of Neglected Dryers and How To Prevent Them. More than 90% of home fires start in the laundry room, discover how to prevent them!

Fire Hazards of Neglected Dryers and How To Prevent Them 

Dryers are one of the most used appliances in any home and are especially important during the coldest months of the year. However, if left unattended they can pose a series fire hazard for your home. Maydone wants to help you stay safe which is why we’ll walk you through the main fire risks with dryer, and why we offer professional dryer maintenance and vent cleaning for simple vent systems to reduce dangers. 

Why Do Dryers Pose a Fire Risk?

Because dryers use heat to evaporate the moisture from your clothes it causes lint, tiny clothing fibers, to be released during the drying process. 

This can accumulate in the lint trap and vent. When this debris builds up over time, it becomes highly flammable. 

So, adding the combination of the dryer’s heat, the flammable lint, and any random spark can result in a dangerous fire.

How Dangerous Are Dryer Fires?

Dryer fires can be devastating and put your family at risk. Every year they are responsible for more than 90% of home fires, and cause more than $200 Million in damages.

When it comes to dryer fire dangers it is always better to be safe, than to wait and see. 

What Causes Dryer Fires? 

  • Vent Fire accumulation of link and debris gets exposed to high heat and sparks damaging fires. 
  • Lint accumulation is the silent culprit behind many dryer-related fires. Most dryers are equipped with a lint trap, a removable filter designed to capture lint and prevent it from entering the dryer vent. 
  • However, if the lint trap and vents are not cleaned regularly, lint plus other debris can accumulate and seriously increase the chances of a fire.
  • Electrical and mechanical failures are another cause of dryer hazards although less common than link, lack of maintenance, and vent issues.

It happens when an electrical or mechanical element fails and causes a spark and fire. 

What Are The Signs Warning Signs To Check Your Dryer? 

  • A Burning Smell: If you detect a burning odor while the dryer is running, it’s one of the clearest signs to get it checked. 
  • Excessive Heat: An excessively hot dryer that burns or feels too hot to the touch may be a sign of a clog in the vent or ducts. This could restrict proper airflow and increase the danger of a fire starting.
  • Long Drying Times: If your clothes take longer than usual to dry, it may be a sign of heating issues, poor airflow, or dangerously clogged vents.
  • Debris Around the Vent: Visible lint or remains around the dryer vent or on the area behind the dryer is a clear indication that the vent system needs cleanup.

Your Best Prevention Tool Is Regular Maintenance

As maintenance experts, we can tell you that most risks of fire and appliances breaking can be prevented with maintenance and proper use. 

For managing the risk of a dryer-related fire, regular maintenance is even more paramount. 

Here’s How You Can Keep Up Dryer Maintenance? 

Clean Your Lint Trap: Do this after every load if possible or every week. Remove and clean the lint trap. This simple action prevents lint from accumulating and reduces the risk of ignition.

Inspect and Clean the Vent and Ducts: At least once a year, disconnect the dryer from the vent and clean both the vent and ducts thoroughly. You can get experts to clean your dryer vents, and be sure it’s done thoroughly. 

This helps maintain proper airflow and reduces the risk of lint buildup.

Keep Your Laundry Area Clear: Clutter around the dryer makes laundry time harder and it increases fire risks. 

A simple safety tip is to keep the area around the dryer free of other clothes, lint, dust, and other flammable materials.

Use Metal Ducts: If your dryer is vented, consider using rigid metal ducts instead of flexible plastic or foil. Metal ducts are less likely to wither and accumulate lint.

Safety First, Always 

When it comes to dryers neglecting maintenance and overlooking warning signs can lead to devastating consequences.

Because of that, prioritizing regular cleaning, proper venting, and staying vigilant for potential issues, is significantly important to reduce the risk of a dryer-related fire.

Remember, the key to a safe and efficient dryer is proactive maintenance – a small effort that can make a difference between a normal laundry day and tragedy.

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