5 Fixes For An AC Unit That’s Not Cooling Enough

Is your AC unit not cooling enough? If your air conditioner is on and you’re still hot, here are 5 easy ways to fix it and cool down your home

Is your AC Unit not working the way it’s supposed to? Is your home still hot even when the air conditioner is on? Try these 5 fixes for an AC Unit that not cooling enough 

Clean The Vents

Cleaning your AC unit vents can greatly improve airflow in your home, making the air conditioner cool the space. 

Change Or Clean Your Filter

A dirty filter can reduce your AC’s unit ability to cool your house and also be problematic in other ways

So, save yourself all those problems and change the filter or clean it.

Change Your Thermostat Setting 

Keep an eye on your thermostat because it’s the one control you have over the temperature in your house. 

Try out the right temperature setting and make sure it stays there.

Move Your Unit To The Shade

If your AC unit gets shot with tons of sunlight it might not be able to cool your n¡home enough, move it to the shade for better performance. 

Just Call Maydone 

If you’ve tried it all and nothing works….call the experts at Maydone

A professional crew, observing all safety and health precautions will help you stay cool this summer, in no time!

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