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Are you looking for a fridge repair service in Mississauga?

Envision this scenario: It’s a sunny afternoon in Mississauga, and your friends are on their way for dinner. You’re about to fetch some drinks and snacks when you open the refrigerator. You notice the lights are off, and the temperature is definitely not as it should be. There’s nothing worse than your food wilting and going to waste.

This is a common occurrence for many of our clients in Mississauga, who often face issues such as water leakage, a faulty thermostat, or unsettling noises coming from their fridge. Trying to fix the unit yourself can be genuinely challenging. While internet tutorials may provide some guidance, time is ticking, and the food in the freezer is deteriorating every passing hour.

Enter Maydone, ready to assist. Our same-day emergency repair service ensures that our highly experienced technicians can promptly resolve any issue. We take pride in our skills and the ability to provide quality appliance repair services in the GTA, including Mississauga, with no hidden costs. Our clients know that we prioritize their needs, backed by over 20 years of experience in maintaining fridges and freezers, allowing us to identify and repair problems immediately. We use only genuine parts from well-known brands and offer up to a 1-year warranty on both our service and parts. Trust Maydone to bring your refrigerator back to life, ensuring you can enjoy your dinner with friends without a worry.


  • Are your door gaskets failing to seal properly?
  • Experiencing issues with control modules, defrost heaters, or an inaccurate thermostat?
  • Do you have water leakage under the refrigerator or inside it?
  • Is your ice maker not working, and is the freezer unable to maintain temperature?
  • Have you observed worn electrical wiring, a steady increase in utility costs, puddles of water inside the unit, or spoiled food in the refrigerator that hasn’t been there for long?
  • Is the unit making strange or loud sounds, or is the refrigerator running continuously?
  • If any of these problems sound familiar, it’s time to address the issues with your appliance.

Do not worry, we fix it all! Licensed refrigerator repair technicians are on their way!

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Our Appliance Repair Technicians in Mississauga

Ensure the seamless operation of your household with MayDone Refrigerator Repair in Mississauga! Our proficient and well-informed team is ready to assist – fully equipped, punctual, and committed to leaving no mess behind. Enjoy top-quality repair services for guaranteed satisfaction – we streamline the process, swiftly restoring your appliance to optimal functionality. With us by your side, all your refrigerator repair needs in the Mississauga area are promptly addressed, allowing you to experience peace of mind within the comfort of your home!

Our Fridge Repair Mississauga Team

Count on MayDone Refrigerator Repair in Mississauga for expert handling of your appliance repair needs! Our family of technicians provides stress-free and professional services seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. With decades of combined experience across various makes and models, our licensed experts have all the expertise needed to swiftly get your household appliances up and running, ensuring life returns to normal as soon as possible. Call us now for fast and reliable service that you won’t regret!