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How to choose an oven for your home? 

Ovens are one of the most multi-faceted home appliances out there, offering an incredible range of cooking perks and time benefits. You can bake your favorite sweets, put a timer on a roast and take care of something else, plus so much more with an oven. Because of its popularity, there is a great variety of models, features, and prices, how do you choose the right oven for you? Maydone is here to help!

Here are the factors to take a closer look at when choosing an oven for your home:

  1. Power source
  2. You home’s design style
  3. Cooking variety 
  4. Features 
  5. Size 

Power source 

Your oven is going to need a power source to cook all that delicious food, so what fits your home better. Explore some of the positives for each option. 



  • Lower long term cost 
  • More heat control
  • Instant activation 

Does it fit your design

There are plenty of options to choose from here and it all depends on your vision for your kitchen and home. Here are some styles to pick from and their perks.

Single Wall

  • Can give more space to play with the layout of the kitchen 
  • Fits easily in most spaces 
  • You can install this oven to match your height 


  • It’s an eye catcher 
  • Comes in many types 
  • Sleecker designs and more compartment 

Double Oven

  • Good for big family needs
  • You can do two things at once 

Slide-in Oven:

  • Fits right in the countertop 
  • Stylist and space saving 

Cooking types 

This is all about what you need your oven to do for you. 

Common oven

  • Can roast, grill meats and veggies. 
  • Bake breads, cakes and more. 
  • Reheat meals 

Convection Oven

  • Does the same a bit faster and might dry foods some. 

Toaster Oven

A smaller alternative to a full oven, cheaper and handy in small spaces. 

  • Competes the same function but in smaller portions. 

Wood Oven

  • Used for pizza and bread making mostly  


Most ovens range from 27 to 30 inch width. This factor is a case by case call, think about what would benefit your kitchen space, take into account moving about while using it and the heat it produces while working. 

Another important aspect to take into consideration here is capacity, if you need to feed more then go for the bigger sizes, if it’s a smaller household then a smaller oven is fine. 


Ovens, like other appliances, have experienced a surge in features from voice activation to other smart technologies. Keep in mind the more you get, the higher the price. If it has a timer and enough setting for your cooking desires, then anything else is just an extra.

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