How to choose (and install) the perfect TV for your home

What kind of TV is right for your home

Having the right TV has become more important because of the need to pass the days inside.

So it’s about time you learn the basics of how to choose (and install) the perfect TV for your home.

A good TV can complement your interior design and of course become the center of attention for the whole family.

To choose a good TV for your home you must be clear on your needs, there really seems to be no limits on TV prices/characteristics, so its good to know where you stand.

What kind of TV is right for your needs? 

The most bang for your buck 

We are talking about good price/quality relations.

To start you can go for the LG OLEDB9P series one of the most affordable high-end models out there.

OLED TVs are at the top of quality at the moment but they tend to be on the expensive side, so it’s a great choice is you want to upgrade without breaking the bank. 

Also, consider the TCL 6-Series offering one of the best image quality to price tag ratio and it comes with the praised Roku TV system. 

Gamers paradise 

Both for avid and amateur gamers alike a move up to something like a Samsung Q70R QLED TV Series will make all the difference. 

Knowing how to choose the right TV will elevate your game skills and plainly just make you enjoy it more.

For binge-watchers 

The couch masters that can sit through a series a day know that picture quality and sound can change the whole experience.

A TV like the Sony A9G Master Series OLED with its Netflix calibration mode will be the thing of dreams.

Other things to remember

  • Check out the TV model online  
  • Choose the right size TV for your home 
  • Read the reviews 

When you install your TV 

Call Maydone for professional installation!

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