How to choose between stoves, ranges, and cooktops.

How to choose between stoves, ranges, and cooktops.

So, you want to equip your kitchen and need to know all about the different types of cooking appliances you can get and what you use those for, we’re here for you! From knowledge, tips for choosing and installing trust Maydone. 

What’s the difference between ranges, stoves, and cooktops? 

The words “stove” and “range” are sometimes used interchangeably although there are some pretty district differences between the two, let’s see what they are. 

Stoves are appliances that produce heat in order to cook food with it they have a stovetop and can sometimes include an oven. 

The range, on the other hand, is a combination of a cooktop and an oven. The term range is more used by brands and appliance manufacturers. There is the appliance most likely to be used in family homes, because of the combined functions. 

Cooktops, also called stovetops, are separate from the oven entirely, this appliance can be installed on the countertops of the kitchen and you can complete the functions by installing an independent oven

How many types of ranges and stoves are they? 

Ranges and stoves like most cooking and kitchen appliances can be separated by the fuel or power source. Some prefer one type over others because of savings or cooking capabilities. Most ranges can be divided by:

  • Natural Gas 
  • Electricity 
  • Propane Gas

Smaller homes and apartments may benefit from the space-saving electric ranges, while bigger homes or gastronomy aficionados may prefer the power and cooking style of gas ranges. 

What types of cooktops are they? 

Like ranges and stoves, it really all about the power source of fuel. Because of size and type of installation cooktops tend to be electric but there are some gas options. 

  • Electric
  • Induction (electric)
  • Gas 

What’s better between stoves, ranges, or cooktops? 

This answer really depends on your needs, the appliance you should buy will need to measure up with your cooking and home needs, consider these factors when picking one.

  • Size of your family 
  • Power source 
  • Cooking preferences 
  • Kitchen space 
  • Budget 
  • Appliance features
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