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How to choose your range hood filter?

Range hoods are a great appliance to add to your kitchen, they can help you eliminate cooking smells and keep your home odor free. Not only do they help with scents but they can also reduce heat while you cook, and most importantly, they can prevent kitchen fires. A great ally for those that love cooking and want to get a fully equipped kitchen. 

One of the main components of any range hood you will get is the filtering system, these are responsible for filtering the air from your stove out. There are many options and usually, most buyers don’t have an idea about any of them before buying so we are giving you a quick introduction to range hood filters. 

Types of range hood filters 

  1. Baffle filters 
  2. Charcoal filters 
  3. Mesh filters 

These are the 3 types of range hood filters available, and below you will see the positives and negatives of each one. This will help you decide on the best option for your home before you buy and install your new range hood

What are baffle range hood filters? 

Baffle range hood filters are the easiest maintenance-wise; you just have to clean the baffle piece regularly. 

This type of range hood filter works by filtering the extracted air through a series of intertwined metal baffles. As the air passes the residues get captured at the low part of the baffle and the air passes through. 

Positives of baffle range hood filters 

  • Very easy to clean, remove the wash baffle filter and wash with soap and water 
  • An effective fire-preventing filter 
  • Durable and reliable 

Negatives of baffle range hood filters 

  • Easy to clean but needs to be cleaned often every 2 months or less, depending on use 
  • Range hoods that use baffle filtering can be heavy and might need professional installation 
  • They are the most expensive range hood option 

Charcoal range hood filters 

The most popular of the range hood filters, probably because this type doesn’t need duct systems installed to function. Many choose charcoal filtering to save on installation and space. 

Charcoal filters work by using the natural absorbing characteristics of charcoal to soak up the smell, smoke, and grease generated from cooking. 

Positives of charcoal range hood filters

  • Installation is cheaper and less complicated 
  • No cleaning, just throw the old filter away and replace 
  • Filters are cheap 

Negatives of charcoal range hood filters

  • Charcoal range hood can spend a lot of energy, this type of filter requires an increased air flow so the fan is working hard. You might feel this in your electric bill
  • That same airflow need can make it louder than other options
  • Last only around 3 to 6 months depending on your cooking 

Mesh range hood filters 

Overall the most common type of range hood filter uses a series of metal mesh filters. 

The mesh filter system traps the cooking smells, smoke, grease, and food residue as air passes through it. 

Easy to use, maintain, and with tons of models available but it does build up residue often. 

Benefits of mesh range hood filters

  • Mesh is one of the best matrices for filtering being both durable and lightweight
  • The best range hood grease filtering system
  • Easy to find and use 

Negatives of mesh range hood filters

  • Second on the loudness scale 
  • Less fire prevention qualities than baffle filters 
  • For higher-temperature cooking baffle filters are better
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