How to Create The Perfect TV Room + Top 5 TV’s List 

How to Create The Perfect TV Room + Top 5 TV’s List

Having an entertainment option inside your home has become an increasingly important part of life, as many choose the comfort of home over going out, and spending time watching movies and series is the top choice for most. So, what are the best ways to create a perfect TV room for your home without breaking the bank? 

1.Get a Good TV set and Have it Professionally Installed 

A good screen is going to be the most important part of your movie/entertainment room. Having the best quality image for watching the movies and series you love how you’ve always wanted. 

Why should have it professionally installed?

When you trust the installation of your appliance to the experts you are investing into getting a higher quality experience, as professionals secure your TV properly, take measurements, precautions, and have the tools to get the most from your TV. 

Our Top 5 TV’s List

  1. Best price OLED: Vizio’s OLED 
  2. Low price tag but feature-packed: The Samsung TU8000 series
  3. Price and performance: Series Hisense H9G 
  4. Top high end: LG CX 
  5. Next-gen: Sony XBR-X900H series

Maydone Tips on Choosing the Right TV

  • Take measurements of the room, there is such a thing as too big 
  • Make sure it fits your space
  • Secure to a wall or buy furniture to support the screen 
  • Test the quality in the store
  • Read reviews on the TV model 
  • Get a warranty 
  • Get professional installation

2.Get a Mini Fridge

Want to take your movie nights to the next level? Then get a mini-fridge and stay stocked with your faves while binge-watching!

A mini-fridge provides a touch of luxury and fun to any entertainment space, plus it really makes a difference when watching live events. No time wasted or missing a play to get your drink refilled.  

3. A Great Couch or Sitting Arrangement 

This one depends mainly on what your preference is: watching alone, with family or having company? This will determine the number of seats you’ll need to think about. 

Most people lean towards having a comfy couch that can mean loss of space for one or two and also fits visitors when needed. 

4.Get Creative 

One of the best parts of creating a movie room is that you can be a little more creative and free with the decor. Include elements from your favorite movies or shows, photos, games, and any other detail you feel fits into the mood of the room. The sky is the limit here. 

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