How to deep clean your washing machine

How to deep clean your washing machine

You rely on it to keep your clothes, towels and more clean so it makes sense that now that you have time at home, you would try to figure out how to deep clean your washing machine

It is a simple process with a few steps to follow, and you can pick and choose what to do when you feel like it.

The more tedious task you can leave for every once in a while, and things like running a cleaning cycle should be more common, in order to keep your machine, and what you wash, clean and smelling good!

Ok, let’s get started on deep cleaning your washing machine:

Detergent Drawer 

Now, this is one piece of the washing machine that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it can get really dirty if ignored.

The drawer can accumulate detergent residue that you should eliminate for a deep clean feel, you can do so by extracting the drawer (if you can) and soaking it in warm water and rinsing, if you can’t extract it try cleaning it with warm water and a cloth.


There’s a lot of touching and contact with the door and latch of the washing machine, clean both inside and out with vinegar/lemon mix or your choice of cleaner. 

Rubber gaskets

A big one that often gets forgotten, the rubber gaskets that hold the drum to the door can become smelly or gunky from the water/detergent mix. 

For a deep clean you should scrub them thoroughly and let dry, it will help keep the mold at bay and your laundry loads fresh.


It’s the biggest part of the machines and one of the easiest to clean, you can do it with warm water, your choice of cleaner and a cloth or run a cycle with vinegar DIY mix or machine cleaner. 

Extra tip:

Always air out the drum after a wash to avoid moldy build-up or smells.

Clean or empty the filter

Most washing machines have a lint filter, look at your instruction manual and follow the guide on how to clean or change your filter, it will keep your laundry free of lint and give you that deep clean you want.

Extra tip: 

Set reminders on your phone for when you need to repeat any of these, that way it won’t be months before you deep clean your washing machine again. 

And if you need help installing or fixing something with your washing machine you can always count on Maydone! 

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