How to fix 3 common dishwasher problems

How to fix 3 common dishwasher problems

The dishwasher is one of the greatest appliances available at home, it saves time and hassle with the cleanup.

With any machine, you may run into some issues because of that here are some easy fixes for 3 of the most common dishwasher problems. 

Dishes not fully clean after a wash 

This dishwasher problem can have you washing the dishes all over again, so here’s what you can do. 

First thing first.

Check if you are using your dishwasher properly:

Loading to capacity, in the right spots (check your dishwashers’ manual for more instructions), and using the best soap/settings. 


Clean your dishwasher, because we use this appliance to wash we forget that it needs to be cleaned as well. 


Check for residue on the strain screen, door gasket, and spray arms.

You can also run the dishwasher to clean itself with hot water, vinegar, and lemon mix. 

Leaky dishwasher 

This is one of the dishwasher problem can leave your kitchen a mess with every wash. 

Start by looking at the doors and door gasket of the dishwasher for damages or blockage stopping the door from closing. 

If you find rips on the gasket, replace it and the problem should go away. 

Also, your float switch (the one that tells you the dishwasher water level) could be stuck on down, causing overfills, and leaks.

If this is the case try to clean the obstruction so it functions properly. 

Dishwasher doesn’t dry dishes 

Another one of those dishwasher problems nobody wants to deal with so here’s how to fix it quickly.

Wet dishes are usually caused by the dishwasher heating element.

Look at your manual to find and check the high-limit thermostat.

This prevents your appliance from getting too hot, and if it isn’t working right it can make the heat turn off before drying is complete. 

Extra tip: The high-limit thermostat is at the bottom of the dishwasher in most models and you can use a multimeter to check if it’s working. 

If these don’t work 

Call Maydone for professional help, 24/7 emergency repairs and installations, we work with all kinds of brands and give you $30off your first call! 

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