How to Fix 3 Common Refrigerator Problems

easy fixes for 3 common refrigerator problems

The fridge is one of the most essentials appliances in a home, so you’ll benefit greatly from knowing how to fix 3 common refrigerator problems. 

Even after you get the right fridge you’ll need to learn how to fix minor issues on your own. 

No matter what kind of fridge you have there common problems with the same solution you can always use. 

For these fixes you’ll need some basic tools and very little extra materials: 

Fridge not cooling enough 

This is one of the most common refrigerator problems and a very significant one, here are something you can do to fix it:

  • Clean out your fridge, less stuff more cool air 
  • Increase the cooling level
  • Check air compressor and clear the dust for better airflow

Doors Not Closing 

This common refrigerator problem can cause the inside not to cool and food to go bad, so tend to it quickly to avoid those issues. 

For this problem you can:

  • Check if any time is in the way when closing the door
  • Clean door rubber or replace them 

Leaking Fridge 

This refrigerator problem can be annoying and even dangerous. 

To prevent further leaking try:

  • Cleaning out the drain pan and tube
  • Leveling the fridge 
  • Checking the water filter, and water hose 

All done 

There you go, easy fixes for 3 common refrigerator problems.

And for anything you cant do you have Maydone by your side!

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