How to fix an orange flame on your gas stove?

How to fix an orange flame on your gas stove?

Gas stoves are one of the most used and usually reliable cooking appliances out there. The flame is one of the reasons is so sought out since for some it provides a better cooking experience and flavor. One of the most common problems with gas stoves is having your flame turn orange instead of the usual blue. 

An orange flame is one of the most serious issues you can have with your gas stove, thankfully it’s easy to spot and there are a few things you can try for a quick fix. 

Why are orange flames so important to fix?

Orange flames come about when you have an improper flow of gas, causing the flame to change colors. It needs to be addressed because it can signal an excess of carbon monoxide in the gas flow, something that is dangerous for any household. 

What can you do to fix an orange flame from your gas stove?

There are a few easy things you can try before you need to call the experts to fix your gas stove. We’ll show you the alternatives but first make sure you follow these steps.

  1. Have windows open to secure airflow and prevent gas accumulation  
  2. Close the gas flow while you tend to the problem 
  3. Get your tools ready beforehand 
  4. Stop immediately if you detect a gas leak and deal with that first
  5. Get experts to install your gas stove when you get one 

Check and clean your burners 

The first thing that could be affecting the gas flow and creating an orange flame is a dirty burner. Debris could be blocking proper gas flow or burning up when you turn on the stove. So, the first step is making sure the burners are clean and properly installed. 

Check your gas outlets 

Gas stoves are made for either propane or natural gas and these have a different setting in the gas outlet. One of the issues that could be causing an orange flame is you are using a natural gas outlet style for propane or the other way around. You need to check with your model gas stove manual to see if you are using the correct outlets for your type of gas source. 

Clogs in the gas outlets 

If you have the correct gas outlet and your burners are clean then check your gas outlets for clogs or holes that might be causing leaks. 

Check your gas stove installation

Installation is one of the most important parts of making your gas stove work perfectly and safely. So, if none of the other methods work, check your installation, gas tubes, and source connection and call a trusted appliance service to do the job right!

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