How to fix 3 common TV problems in no time

How to fix 3 common Television problems

Something’s up with your TV and you want to handle it yourself, here’s a quick look at how you can fix 3 very common TV problems on your own in with no time wait.

The TV is the entertainment master of a home and one of the most important appliances, so it always helps to know a few handy tips, so you don’t panic when you can fix the problem with a few easy steps. 

No image on TV screen

You turn your TV on as usual but get no picture on it, this usually means there’s something up with the input being broadcasted by to your screen, try switching “input” or “source”until you catch an image.

If you have the correct input/source and still get no picture, check your cable or satellite connection, you might also need to reset your cable box, you can easily do that by unplugging and plugging it back in.

If nothing works contact your cable service provider. 

Audio and video not matching 

This one really puts a damper on your entertainment, a very common and annoying TV problem. You image and sound are not synced up, really messing up your watching TV experience.

Fix this one by going to the audio settings on your TV or cable box and set the right audio delay. This solution should get you back on track to watching your favorite shows


So you are enjoying a show or a movie and keep hearing an annoying echo with every sound. What could ir be? Most likely, you could have two sound systems activated at once, which happens if you have a sound bar or external sound system, plus you TV speakers.

To fix this problem go to your TV system menu to disable the speakers, you can also lower the volume to cero, or mute the TV speaker and use only your external system, that should fix the echo problem.

And if you can’t fix it…

Now there’s some TV problems you can’t fix on your own, like cracked screen and more, for that you can call Maydone, or when you get that dream TV you want properly installed, we are here for you! 

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