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How to fix three common Air Conditioner problems

How to fix three common Air Conditioner problems

The heat is getting closer and closer, so Maydone is here to help you keep your home cool with some top tips on how to fix three common Air Conditioner problems.

Increasing heat will make your AC unit work harder, because of this you need to be on the lookout for the little things that can put a damper on your unit. 

These few tips can put your Air Conditioner back on track and cooling your home or business.

If nothing works and you have to look for a new one we can also help you choose

Not cool enough 

This is the big one, what is an AC without the cooling? A problem!

Good news is…there are plenty of things you can try to do to help your unit do its job better 

  • Clean the vents where the air flows from 
  • Change or clean the filter of the AC unit 
  • If your AC unit gets hit with a lot of sunlight, move it to a shadier place or provide shade so it can work without the heat of the sun.
  • Check your thermostat and settings 
  • Have a look in your owners manual to check for more tips

Warm air leaking in 

Your air conditioner won’t have an easy job if it has to fight against warm air in the home because it will be working double time.

To avoid this check that your windows and doors to the outside are closed when the AC is on, you’ll also save on energy. 

For window AC unit you need to check its seals, if you notice the hot air is coming from there you can try to it with weatherstripping. 

Weird noises or smells 

Because the strange nooses can come from things coming loose inside the unit, you need to look inside.

If anything is stuck in there, see if you can safely remove it. 

If you smell something funny in your air, open the unit up, clean it out, and change your filters. 

Keep pets away from the AC to avoid those types of smelly accidents. 

You can even make your own air freshener for your air conditioner. 

Now you are ready to enjoy cooling down 

These tips will aid you to keep a cool home,

If you need professional help Maydone is here for you! 

For 24/7 repairs and installations, just call us +1 (647)-558-5825| +1 (888) 513-0052

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