How to get rid of your old appliances?

How to get rid of your old appliances?

Congratulations on getting a new appliance! Now comes the surprisingly complicated task of getting rid of your old appliances the proper way. Remember there are a few laws in place, depending on where you live, that determine how you can dispose of old appliances and you should brush up on them before making any decision. The fines for not following the rules can be a real hassle. 

The good news is there are a few ways you can manage to place your old appliance in good hands or disposed of properly. There are a few things you should consider about this process:

  1. When are you installing your new appliance
  2. How long can you keep both appliances at home
  3. What day and time can you dispose of an appliance according to regulations 
  4. Will you need help with the old appliance 
  5. Is the old appliance still in working conditions 

Having the answers to these points will make disposing of your old appliances easier, now you just have to figure out the best way to do it. 

Arrange a trade-in

Some stores allow you to trade in your old appliances when you are buying a new one from them. Depending on the state of the appliance you might even qualify for store credit. Heads up though you could be charged a nominal fee, it’s balanced out by the fact that the store usually handles the removal and transport of the old appliance. 

Put it up for sale 

If your old appliances are in good condition, still functional, and have use time left in it, then you can sell them. Tell people close to you, post an ad on social media and see what you get. What you get back will depend on the state of the appliance, how old it is and market prices, don’t expect to get full or even half the price back. Appliances devalue greatly after use, but you can still get some money for them. 

Extra: make sure to have it plugged in or electrical power available so buyers can test the appliance out. 

Donate your old appliance 

Don’t feel like you can trade in or sell, then donate! A lot of non-profits, churches, and community centers will be happy to take in your old appliances. Check your community resources and nearby places for alternatives. Here are some options for donating appliances in the Greater Toronto Area

Wait for the right disposal day

Depending on where you live, you will have an assigned day or number to call for appliance disposal. Some places have special dumpsite locations for appliances and others do pick-ups. You will need to research what’s the proper way in your municipality. You can call local trash help numbers for specific information on this. You can find information on how to dispose of appliances in Toronto here

Sell it for parts or repair

If your appliance is not working but can be salvaged or parts can be used you can sell it to specific scrap and repair shops that will pay you a small amount for them. You get a bit of money for your appliances and get rid of them at the same time, even if it’s broken.

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