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5-Step Guide on How to Install a New Cooktop New Cooktop and Top Brands 

5-Step Guide on How to Install a New Cooktop New Cooktop and Top Brands 

Installing a new cooktop is one of the best ways to get an upgraded kitchen and improve your cooking experience. Cooktops are the heart of any kitchen and very important to your daily routine so we know you want to get this installation done right. Maydone experts will guide you through the process of installing a new cooktop and throw a few tips along the way!

Step 1: Prepare the Area

Before you begin the installation process, it’s important to prepare the area where the cooktop will be installed. 

Start by turning off the power to the existing cooktop at the circuit breaker. 

Clear out any items from the surrounding area and ensure that there is enough space for the new cooktop. Then, check your area for guidance on how to dispose of your old appliance

Step 2: Measure The Countertop

Measure the dimensions of the new cooktop and mark those measurements on the countertop. 

If you are opening a spot in the countertop for the appliance then measure carefully. Then, using a cutting tool, carefully cut along the marked lines to create a hole for the cooktop. 

Ensure that the hole is the correct size and shape to accommodate the new cooktop.

Step 3: Install the Gas or Electric Connection

If you’re installing a gas cooktop, you must connect it to the gas supply. 

Before tackling this yourself, you should consult a professional plumber or gas fitter to ensure that the gas connection is installed correctly and safely. 

If you’re installing an electric cooktop, you will need to connect it to the electrical supply. 

We recommend you get a professional cooktop installation if the electrical connection worries you.

Step 4: Position and Secure the Cooktop

Carefully place the new cooktop into the cutout on the countertop. Ensure that it is level and centered properly. 

Once in position, secure the cooktop to the countertop using the provided brackets or screws. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific model of cooktop you are installing.

Step 5: Test and Finish

Once the cooktop is securely installed, it’s time to test it and ensure everything functions correctly. 

Turn on the power or gas supply and test each burner or heating element to ensure they are working properly. 

Check for any gas leaks or electrical issues. Once you are satisfied with the functionality, finish the installation by cleaning the cooktop and the surrounding area.

Installing a new cooktop can seem like a daunting task, but by following these steps, you can ensure a successful installation. 

If you are unsure or uncomfortable with any part of the installation process, it’s always best to consult a professional for assistance. Enjoy your new cooktop and happy cooking!

You Are Ready To Make Your Choice

Narrow down what matters to you when it comes to cooking, and you’ll have an easier choice when shopping. 

If you want a tip on where to look out top more trusted brands are:

  • Bosch 
  • Thermador 
  • KitchenAid
  • GE Appliances, 
  • Frigidaire, 
  • Wolf, 
  • Viking 

Because this is such an important part of any kitchen we also recommend you do your research into each brand, and specific model and pay attention to reviews. 

When you have your new cooktop selected call Maydone for a professional installation

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