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How to install a new dishwasher?

Dishwashers are one of the most beloved home appliances, and we can all appreciate how much easier cleaning up can be when you have one in your kitchen. So, congratulations on getting a new dishwasher! If you feel like tackling this installation by yourself you’ve come to the right place. 

Maydone is one of Toronto’s top appliance services, we are experts at installing and repairing dishwashers. We will share our best tips for installation plus a general guide on how you can install your own dishwasher. 

What do you need to install a new dishwasher? 

  1. A few different screwdrivers sizes
  2. A wrench 
  3. A level
  4. Pliers
  5. A voltage tester
  6. Matching wiring materials 
  7. Tape 
  8. Towels 
  9. Mop 
  10. Pain and paintbrushes (in case you damage your walls)

How to prepare to install a new dishwasher?

Get your numbers right!

Most dishwashers will come in at 24 inches wide but measuring is key to proper installation and saving you headaches. 

What do you need to measure?

  1. Measure your kitchen space for the dishwasher 
  2. Doors that you need to pass the appliance through 
  3. The dishwasher box and the appliance itself 

You might need to alter your kitchen counters if you are upgrading dishwasher sizes or going for something more compact. 

Extra tip: Sometimes the extra layers of flooring can raise the floor height directly in front of the old dishwasher and that can cause difficulties in removing it.  We recommend losing the counter or removing the flooring. 

Time to get started

How to install your new dishwasher?

  1. Fully remove the old appliance

The first thing you need to do is to carefully disconnect the old appliance from all power and water sources. This can get messy so keep a bucket, mop, or cleaning supplies ready. 

Remove the front panel from the old appliance, then disconnect the wires and pull the cable box out. Both water and electrical connections are underneath the dishwasher behind the first panel that you will unscrew. 

Turn off the water supply from the main water valve and proceed to disconnect the tubes. 

For power, you can cut the energy to the kitchen for safety or unplug the appliance directly, then remove the rest of the wiring. 

Once it’s all disconnected you can remove the old appliance. Make sure to find out how to dispose of appliances safely in your area. 

  1. Get your new appliance ready 

Take your new dishwasher out of the box, grab your manual and start placing the installation pieces together. 

Just like disconnecting the older one, you will need to find the power and water lines and hook them to the supply sources. 

Use the parts from the new dishwasher for maximum compatibility. 

Important: Remember to lean the dishwasher to connect the 90-degree fitting. This helps prevent any clog issues, can for extra assurance you can hook the flexible drain line up to the countertop. Some of this installation work might require you to check plumbing codes since some need a special air gap fitting in the drain line.  

  1. Connect the new appliance to water and power 

Once connected restore power and water. Check for leaks or anything out of place. 

Push the appliance into place and turn your dishwasher on. 

  1. Clean up and test it! 

Clan up any installation residue and test your new dishwasher with a cycle. 

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    Briana Di Cecca Berge
  • Working in a veterinary clinic - we understandably go through a lot of laundry. Our washer was out of commission and within a very short period of time, Igor not only diagnosed the problem but had it fixed. He was efficient and easy to work with.
    Heather Anderson
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    Emilia Ianeva
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    Patrick Brown