How to Install a Washer or Dryer

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You finally saved up in enough to buy a washer or dryer for yourself? Great! Soon you will see that doing your laundry becomes a lot less stressful than before. But before you can actually take advantage of your new appliance, you’ll need to install it.
We created this step-by-step guide to make it easy for you to install your electric dryer or washer. Anyhow, we do not recommend installing a gas dryer if you are not familiar with gas. It can be very dangerous for a rookie who doesn’t know how to detect and fix a leak. Also, keep in mind that you will be working with high-voltage when installing an electric dryer.

If you are not sure if you should really do the installation yourself, you can always call us (+1 (289) 801-7857) or contact us online to book an appointment with one of our experienced technicians on the same day.

Before installing your new washer or dryer

  • Install cold and hot water-lines if you are installing the appliance at a new place in your house.
  • Find the right place in your house and get help when placing the washer or dryer to their position. Be careful that you don’t hurt yourself when doing it. The appliance can be quite heavy.
  • Turn the electricity off before you start installing your appliances.


How to Install a Washer

Step 1: Connect the hoses

Firstly, you need to attach the hoses of the washer to the outlets. Make sure that you assign the hoses to the correct hot and cold connection. A lot of modern washers have some water-suppression valves. Read how to connect them in the manual of the appliance.

Step 2: Install the pipes

Connect the pipe to your laundry sink, in case you have one. Otherwise, you will have to use a standpipe (you can either get from a store or build it yourself) that you then attach to your drain system. In case you use a standpipe, you will also have to install a p-trap that protects you from dangerous gases.

Step 3: Turn on the washing machine

The last step is to turn your washer on to test if there are any leaks. Plug the appliance and look out for water on the floor. Well done, if you can’t find any – that means you have done a great job!


How to Install an Electric Dryer

Step 1: Reassure that the Power is Turned Off

Once again, make sure the electricity is turned off for the area that you’re working in.

Step 2: Install the Prong Cord

You should either have a three- or four-prong cord in your house. In case you have a four-prong cord, connect each wire with the matching color. The green ground wire should be attached to the dryer’s green screw. As the last step, look out that no copper strap or green wire is running from the ground to the white wire.

In case you have a three-prong cord, you have to connect the red wire from the dryer with one of the wires that are outside. The other wire from the outside has to get connected to the black wire. Last but not least you connect the wire in the center to the white wire from the dryer as well as to the ground strap.

Step 3: Hook up the vent hose & test the appliance

As a last step of the installation, you need to attach the vent hose to the duct and the port of the dryer. To do that, use the hose clamps.
The dryer is now installed. Turn the power back on and test if the appliance actually works.

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