How To Organize Kitchen Appliances And Get More Space

How to organize your kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliances are lifesavers, but they can take up a lot of space around your kitchen and even your home, so what can you do? Here is a how-to guide to organizing your kitchen appliances and getting the space you need back!

Group Your Appliances 

One of the best ways to organize your kitchen appliances is to pair them up by use, why? Well, you could have both a food processor and blender out at the same time taking up space, when you could have just one out. 

So, do this:

  1. Pair up your appliances by utility
  2. Get rid of the ones you don’t need anymore 
  3. Save space!

Fix-It or Throw It Way

Keep your kitchen appliance organized by calling Maydone and getting them fixed right after it breaks. 

Do not hold on to broken appliances you don’t really intend to fix or already have a replacement for, it’s just clutter. 

Store Away

Those kitchen appliances you don’t use on the regular you can store but don’t want to give up, you can store out of sight, to help keep counter for the important stuff, follow this simple rule:

What gets used a lot stays on counter, close shelves, and the less used it is the further you store it. 

Declutter Cabinets & Shelf 

Get rid of unnecessary clutter, make sure to store appliances with care, wrap cords carefully, male use of the high and low spaces for the least used appliances. 


Once, you do all of this you’ll….have to do it again or at least maintain it because the kitchen gets a lot of use. 

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