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How to pick more sustainable appliances?

Appliances are necessary for many homeowners and they can also contribute to climate changes, so how can we take steps to lessen the impact of our appliances on the environment? Start by making more conscious choices when buying new appliances and using the ones you have in a more eco-friendly way. 

If you aren’t looking to change your appliances but still want to make some green changes, here are a few suggestions on a more eco way to use your washing machine, dishwashers, etc. 

Tips for more sustainable appliance use 

  • Use eco or energy-saving cycles 
  • Use appliances at full capacity instead of using resources for small loads 
  • Turn the appliance off when not in use 
  • Make sure refrigerator doors are closed tightly 
  • Switch to natural detergents for washing clothes and dishes 
  • Take care of your appliances so they last longer 
  • Properly dispose of old appliances 

How to choose more eco-friendly appliances? 

The main thing to consider when choosing more sustainable appliances is energy, the biggest carbon footprint from appliances comes from the energy they spend. 

Just by choosing Energy Star certified equipment you could be reducing your impact by a lot, as well as saving a lot on energy bills. In one year alone Energy Star appliances have reduced 170 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, that’s just one year! 

Plus Energy star appliances are easy to identify and have become a standard in the industry, so this is a great place to start. 

Since each appliance has a distinct function we’ll take a close look at each one to cover what to look for in each case. 

Washing Machines & Dryers

Energy efficiency: Start with Energy Star certified appliances but you can take it even further, and research the best-rated energy washers and dryers. 

What else helps? Reduce the water temperature, washing with cold water can save tons of carbon emissions and lower your electric bill.

When it comes to dryers, it helps to keep it to the strictly necessary, and low-temperature gentle cycles are best for saving power. 

Load capacity: Bigger loads allow you to be more efficient in electric and water use, waiting to have the full load is also a more sustainable practice than doing multiple loads a week. 

Cycle options: Choose appliances with eco or green cycles that are already designed for optimal function and efficient performance. 

Most energy-efficient brands 

  1. Bosch
  2. LG
  3. Samsung 


Energy-efficient: Energy Star certified and beyond, check for energy efficiency ratings and choose the higher raking that matches your model requirements. Check out our article on choosing a refrigerator for your home

Things like power save mode or multiple temperature options are key for saving energy. 

Clear of CFCs and HCFCs: These two elements Chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons are green gases that contribute to the climate change problem and greatly impact the environment. 

Most energy-efficient brands 

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Beko


Energy-efficient:  Energy Star certified and energy-saving cycles. 

Stainless steel inside: This type of build is more durable and it’s easier to recycle so it makes them more sustainable. 

Efficient water and wash cycles: Most dishwashers reuse water in some way, making sure your dishwasher does it efficiently can have a huge impact on your water waste and environmental footprint. 

Having a variety of cycles makes adapting the wash to your needs easier, you can switch drying methods for more energy efficiency and water saving. 

Most energy-efficient brands 

  1. Miele 
  2. Samsung 
  3. Smeg
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