How to sanitize your appliances and home

With recent developments most people are looking for easy ways to clean their homes, making them safer for those that live there. So if you are one of those looking for ways to sanitize your appliances and home, this is the blog for you!

The majority of common viruses can be eliminated from the skin, surfaces and appliances with just water and soap, take into account there are other variables that can also aid, like the temperature of the water and strength of the detergent used. 

How to clean Appliances?

Most appliances come with a self-clean cycle if you have it run it with the correct specification. If not running an empty cycle with detergent and hot water could help in the case of dishwashers, and washing machines. 

For the rest use plenty of detergent and water to clean inside and out, if you can use hot water. If you are without soap, rubbing alcohol can eliminate viruses as well. 

How to sanitize your home?

Your home being as clean as possible provides a defense against sickness and a sense of calm, here are some very important and simple things you can do to make your home safer: 

  • Clear and clean surfaces with soap and water, strong detergent or alcohol. 
  • If possible, remove fabric from cushion and couches and run through the wash. 
  • Change and wash sheets. 
  • Take shoes off at the entrance to prevent the spreading of outside bacteria. 

These are of course not sure-fire ways to prevent disease, but they can make a huge difference in reducing exposure to things you definitely do not want entering your home. 

Being vigilant and prepared can make your home the best place to stay in during a health situation in development. Because of the unpredictability of some cases, it is better to stay ahead of precaution with these few tips presented.

Other general safety measures

Keep hands clean washing them for at least 20 seconds, follow instruction from health officials, stay calm and remember you don’t have to leave home to get you appliance emergencies fixed, so just call Maydone for appliances emergencies!

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