How to Use your Dryer Properly

Tips on How to Use your Dryer Properly

Having the possibility of clean, dry, and warm clothes at your fingertips is a great feeling. That’s what makes dryers so special, an appliance often overlooked and taken for granted, so Maydone has made a simple guide on how to use properly to keep them going as long as possible, check it out below. 

Start with the basics

These tips are for everyday use creating good habits around using the dryer, after you start implementing them and seeing the results in your dyer’s performance and how your clothes turn out, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t apply them before. 

  • Read the manual, this little booklet tells you all the secrets, setting, and shortcuts for getting the most out of your dryer. 
  • Read the clothing instructions too, most clothes come with tags that specify what kind of wash cycle they need. 
  • Avoid overloading the dryer, it make sit harder for clothes to dry and it pushed the appliance’s capabilities. 
  • Untangle clothes when you move them out of the washing machine, so they can dry separately in the dryer. 
  • Clean the filter after every load

For more advanced care

The recommendations below are things to consider in the long run, in term of maybe switch to a better dryer or what to do if yours is working properly: 

  • Get a more energy-efficient dryer, the useful life should be longer and you save on your electric bill. 
  • Clen the drum every 2-3 months.
  • Replace door, ground rubbers, etc. These pieces can have a lot of wear and tear so, change them to keep the appliance steady and working perfectly.
  • Have a professional checkup on the appliance every year. 
  • Get certified help when something goes wrong. 

If you take these into consideration when using your dryer not only can you make full use of the machine for as long as possible but get better results for your clothing. 

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