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Are you looking for a microwave repair service in Hamilton?

Imagine it’s a late evening, and you decide to have a quick dinner by reheating frozen food in the microwave. To your surprise, you notice that the control panel light isn’t working, and despite your attempts, the microwave won’t turn on.

Maydone Appliance Repair receives numerous calls each month for microwaves, given their delicate nature in the kitchen. Due to poor maintenance or improper usage, these units tend to malfunction over time. Fortunately, with our licensed repair technicians in the GTA, we can extend the lifespan of your appliance. Contact us for same-day repair service.

Moreover, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, as evident from the testimonials provided by our clients. We prioritize being there for you on the same day, providing advance notification before our visit, and offering detailed updates on the situation. Additionally, we’re happy to offer advice on maintaining your appliances, and we provide up to a one-year warranty on our services and genuine parts. Our goal is to let you focus on what matters most while we take care of your appliances.



  • Not heating properly?
  • Unresponsive buttons on the microwave?
  • Malfunctioning door switch?
  • Heating starts but stops abruptly?
  • Inoperative light bulb inside the microwave?
  • Defective or damaged main control board?
  • Microwave plate not rolling?
  • Non-responsive or malfunctioning microwave motor?
  • Sparks occurring inside the microwave?
  • Damaged waveguide cover?
  • Worn-out wiring inside the unit?
  • Deteriorating paint on the interior walls?
  • Broken microwave glass?
  • Emitting strange or loud sounds?
  • Burned microwave fuse?
  • Broken seal or gasket on the door?
  • Clogged vent affecting its functionality?


Do not worry, we fix it all! Licensed Hamilton microwave repair technicians are on their way!

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Our Appliance Repair Technicians in Hamilton

At MayDone in Hamilton, we provide a comprehensive and professionally managed solution for all your home appliance repair needs! Our outstanding team of technicians is readily available, equipped with efficient solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. We excel in delivering top-notch services not only in Toronto but also in Hamilton. If you’re seeking fast and quality repairs for microwaves, trust the experts at MayDone Microwave Repair Hamilton today!

Our Microwave Repair Hamilton Team

At MayDone Microwave Repair Hamilton, we simplify the process of maintaining a smoothly running home. Our licensed technicians are available seven days a week, including holidays and weekends! Regardless of the model or type of device in your home, our family of experienced experts swiftly restores its functionality, ensuring uninterrupted daily life. For trusted repair solutions, contact us today!