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Are you looking for a microwave repair service in Toronto (GTA)?

Imagine, it was a late evening and you’ve decided to eat a quick dinner because you don’t feel like cooking. Taking out your frozen food from the fridge, you notice that the microwave control panel light is not working. You check whether it works at all and, unfortunately, it won’t turn on.

Maydone Appliance Repair gets dozens of calls every month, as microwaves are fragile kitchenware appliance. Because of a poor maintenance or incorrect usage, units tend to malfunction over time. Thanks to our licensed repair technicians in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we are able to extend the lifetime of your appliance. Contact us to get same day repair service.

Furthermore, we take your satisfaction very seriously, just read the testimonials our clients gave us. We’ll be there for you on the same day, notify before coming and give you detailed updates on the situation. Moreover, we will gladly give you an advice on how to maintain your appliances, plus we give up to  one year warranty on our services and genuine parts. As we really want you to enjoy what matters the most, while we take care of your appliances.


  • The microwave does not heat?
  • Microwave buttons do not respond?
  • Door switch does not work?
  • Your microwave starts heating, but then stops?
  • Light-bulb inside microwave does not work?
  • Main control board is defective or has been damaged?
  • Microwave plate stopped rolling?
  • The microwave motor stopped working and is not responding?
  • There is a sparking inside your microwave?
  • Is the wave guide cover damaged?
  • Wiring inside is worn out?
  • Paint on the walls inside is worn out?
  • Microwave glass has been broken?
  • The unit is making strange or loud sounds?
  • Fuse of the microwave has been burned?
  • The seal or gasket on the door was broken?
  •  The vent is clogged with waste and is not working?

Do not worry, we fix it all! Licensed Toronto microwave repair technicians are on their way!

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Our Appliance Repair Technicians in Toronto

At MayDone, we offer you a one-stop professionally handled solution to all your home appliance repair needs! Our exceptional team of technicians are always available and fully prepared with efficient solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction. We specialize in providing top caliber services throughout Toronto – so if fast quality repairs for microwaves is what you’re looking for, trust the experts at MayDone Microwave Repair Toronto today!

Our Microwave Repair Toronto Team

At MayDone Microwave Repair Toronto, we make it easy to keep your home running smoothly. Our licensed technicians are on-call seven days a week – even during holidays and weekends! No matter the model or type of device you use in your house, our family of experienced experts quickly get it working again so that life can go uninterrupted. Get trusted repair solutions now – contact us today!