Most common appliance problems you can fix yourself

It’s quarantine time for most people and that means learning to solve things fast, keeping that in mind,  here are some of the most common appliance problems you might run into that you can fix by yourself! 

And if you run into an appliance problem you can’t fix you can always call Maydone 

Smelly machines 

This one really sucks, whether it is your laundry machine or your dishwasher, nothing can put someone off like a bad smell coming from the very thing supposed to be cleaning your stuff.

Run a cycle with hot water, use two cups of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) and half a cup of baking soda to get rid of the smell, if you need to, do a deep clean of the whole machine.  

Extra Tip 

Leave the door on the machine open for a little while after every cycle to avoid humidity to stick to the inside and cause more smells. 

Semi-cool Fridge

Your fridge might need a thorough cleaning, to get back to normal, since nobody likes a lukewarm fridge. 

The first step is to turn off your fridge, disconnect it and then see if you have a) a sheet of inside the fridge, let it melt and clean it off and b) you can carefully vacuum the coils in the back of your appliance. 

If none of that work you are better off calling an expert!

Garbage disposal not working

Did you know that your garbage disposal probably has a reset button? Well, it is likely that it does.

So when you find yourself with a garbage disposal that isn’t working properly, do this first before calling help.

Make sure it is turned off, look for the button under the sink and press it, if it doesn’t work try again after ten minutes, let some water run after pressing it and try turning the disposal on again.

If it doesn’t work call for help!

Dancing washing machine 

This one is a biggie, and however entertaining it is to try and watch your washing machine escape, there’s an easy way to fix it. 

The first thing you can try is to rotate the legs of the machine until it is in balance again, the second thing you can try is to better balance the load so the movements stop. 

If nothing works you might have a drum loose one that a Maydone professional can easily fix! 

We stay ready to help homeowners fix their appliances safely and fast!

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