New Kitchen 101: How to choose between a cooktop or a range top?

New Kitchen 101: How to choose between a cooktop or a range top?

So, you are getting a new kitchen or changing an old appliance. First, congratulations! New kitchen appliances are one of the best investments homeowners can make, it’s also one of the biggest because these appliances tend to be pricey and your decision will most likely affect your whole cooking space for good. 

One of the hardest parts of getting your new cooktop or range, besides a proper installation, is knowing which option is right for your home needs. So, let the expert guide you through some of the finer points that can help you make the final call.

How much room do you have?

It’s generally advised that smaller kitchens be equipped with a range over a cooktop. Ranges tend to be more high end and can end up needing a lot of space. The determining factor here will be your ability to fit what you want into what you have. A thing to consider is  a model of cook or range tops that leaves some space below the instalacion on the counter space for other purposes. 

What are your cooking habits?

If you are more of a casual chef or have smaller meals or cooking needs then a cooktop should meet all your requirements and save you space, maybe some onet too! 

Now, if you want the pro kitchen feel, to feed plenty and make your master chefs dreams happen, indulge in a good rangetop, these also tend to be sturdier, fit larger pots and pans, but they can also run on the pricier side. 

What about ovens?

This is a big question to ask yourself, if you are a fan of baking then getting an oven will also take up space from your kitchen. So, take a closer look at a model that would let that be easy to install as well. 

Pro’s and con’s of cooktops


  • You can get them to work with gas, electric, or induction models
  • Can be safer for families, the control knobs are on the top of the counter making it hard for kids to reach.
  • Cooktops tend to be priced lower than range tops
  • Smaller size, leaving more free space in your kitchen 
  • The whole appliance sits atop the counter and can have a stylish finish to your kitchen. 
  • Cooktops tend to be easier to clean 


  • Normal cooktops don’t have all the bells and whistles of range tops and can be quite plain in comparison
  • The small size may be an issue for homes that needs to meet a lot of cooking demands
  • Since controls are at the top, they can sometimes be difficult to reach when you have pots on and you might burn yourself doing so

Pro’s and con’s of range tops


  • Range tops are usually more powerful and can come in models for electric or gas use
  • They are very sturdy, built for heavy use. 
  • More cooking space and able to fit larger pans and pots.
  • The knobs are placed in the front, making it more comfortable to cook with 
  • Range tops have more professional settings and features 


  • They can take up quite a lot of space
  • Installing a range top can require a lot of work on your cabinets 
  • The knobs being placed in the front may require you to place safeties if you have small children 
  • Range tops can be more expensive 
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