Christmas Emergencies: Repair Tips for A Broken Oven

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Christmas is near! This time of the year, many people are preparing festive meals for their loved ones. But what if your oven stops working just before the holidays? No worries – we have useful tips on how you can fix your oven. And, if nothing else works, you can contact our technicians.

There’s nothing worse than having a Christmas party planned and suddenly an appliance stops working. If it’s the washing machine that broke down, you might be able to wait with the repair until the holidays are over. But what if it’s one of your kitchen appliances, such as the stove, oven or the fridge? Well, then you have two choices:

  1. Wait for a Christmas miracle that will magically fix your appliances overnight.
  2. Try your best to get the broken appliance working again.

If you decide to go for the first option, it’s always good to have our number handy: +1 (888)513-0052 or +1 (647)-558-5825 – just in case the miracle doesn’t work in time for your Christmas party and you need our experienced technicians for an emergency repair.

If you want to go for option 2, we have some tips for you on how to repair a broken oven in this article. Here you’ll find help on how to repair a fridge and many other tips. But now, let’s get to the oven.

Christmas Problem 1: The Gas Burner Doesn’t Light

If your gas stove won’t light, it might be time to replace the igniter. If you can’t deal with that before the holidays, you can always use a match to light the burner. Furthermore, you can try to clean the different parts of the burner, such as the cap and the grate. Maybe there is some food debris stuck in it that causes the problem. Also, check all the wires that connect the igniter with the control module and tighten them, in case they are loose.

Christmas Problem 2: The Range Burner Isn’t Working

If your electric stove doesn’t heat up, you might have to switch the range burner. To find out if it’s broken, you can simply replace it with a different burner that you know is working. Do that by connecting the working burner to the socket. If that one is not working either, there is a different problem, such as a faulty ignition switch or you might have to replace the socket.

Christmas Problem 3: The Heating Element Is Broken

To replace a heating element, you’ll have to turn off the electricity that is connected to your electric stove. The next step is to make sure you can access the heating element freely. This may contain taking off a panel at the bottom of the oven. Get a screwdriver to get the element out of the fasteners that usually keep it in place. Then, disconnect the element from the two wires that connect it to electricity. You can now take the faulty element out of the oven and replace it with the same model.

It is not always easy to figure out what exactly is not working. Our technicians will be happy to assist you if you get in touch with us via Facebook or our contact form.

We wish you stress-free and happy Christmas!

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