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Are you looking for a stove repair service in Burlington?

Ensure your home is warm and inviting with MayDone Stove Repair in Burlington! When your stove acts up on a chilly winter morning, hindering your hot oats and honey, we’re here to help. MayDone understands the frustration of a broken stove and is committed to providing your home with top-notch care and standards.

At MayDone, we’ve encountered it all. Whether your cooktop runs on gas or electricity, we repair it. From fixing stoves that come with an oven as a range to repairing separate cooktops, our skilled staff in the GTA offers same-day emergency repair services, even on evenings or public holidays.

Before the situation worsens, check for issues with electricity or gas in your house. There might be no need to panic. If that’s not the problem, contact us anytime, day or night. With over 20 years of experience and the necessary license, we can fix your oven and cooktop. If it’s your first time calling us, enjoy a $30 discount. Trust us to take care of your appliances while you focus on what truly matters.


  • Is the gas burner failing to ignite?
  • Does the gas burner take an extended time to heat up?
  • Are you unable to adjust the heat on your electric stove?
  • Is the electric cooktop unresponsive?
  • Has the heating element on the cooktop ceased functioning?
  • Are the electric coils damaged?
  • Are the gas coils damaged?
  • Is the ceramic glass shattered?
  • Are the knobs on your cooktop broken?
  • Has the ignition switch in the oven gone out?
  • Can you neither hear nor smell any gas?
  • Is the infinite switch not connected to the dial?
  • Were you unable to perform the repairs yourself?

Do not worry, we fix it all! Licensed Burlington stove repair technicians are on their way!

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Kitchen Stove Repair in Burlington

Our adept technicians specialize in the repair of stoves from various brands, delivering cost-effective, efficient, and guaranteed results to customers. We excel in addressing issues such as gas leaks and malfunctioning electric heating elements, fixing oven and broken components, and resolving stove problems that lead to breakdowns. Additionally, we offer guidance on proper equipment usage and preventive measures to avoid damage. Trust us for a swift diagnosis and effective repair of your stove issues. Feel free to peruse our company’s reviews, ensuring your selection of the finest specialists. Payment for services is due upon completion.

Range Stove Repair

The range stove, serving as the most versatile appliance in your kitchen, seamlessly integrates a stove and oven into a single device. Providing a convenient means to fry, boil, broil, and bake all your favorite foods, ranges are available in gas, electric, or dual fuel options. Furthermore, they can feature induction and convection technologies, coming in various sizes, designs, and colors to suit the preferences of discerning homemakers. Regardless of the type, whether gas or electric, we are proficient in repairing all kinds.

Cooktop Repair

Choosing a cooktop is a thoughtful decision, considering it is one of the most frequently used appliances in the kitchen. Cooktops can be seamlessly integrated into a kitchen stove with an oven or stand alone as independent devices. Key advantages of cooktops, compared to range tops, include the option of induction power, a more space-efficient design, controls and knobs positioned on top of the appliance, and the flexibility to be installed on your countertop, with the entire unit resting on the surface. Cooktops are typically powered by gas or electricity, although oil or alternative fuels are occasionally utilized. Our company is committed to repairing any appliances, so call us to schedule a consultation.

Our Stove Repair Burlington Team

At MayDone Stove Repair in Burlington, we eliminate appliance repair hassles! Our licensed technicians are available seven days a week, including holidays and weekends. Regardless of your stove model, our team of seasoned experts will swiftly restore it to working order, ensuring your daily life remains uninterrupted. For dependable solutions to all your household appliance issues, contact us today!

Our Appliance Repair Technicians in Burlington

Keep your home running smoothly with MayDone Stove Repair in Burlington! Our skilled technicians provide fast and high-quality service, ensuring your appliances are back up and running promptly. Count on our dedicated professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering excellent results every time. For trustworthy repair services across GTA, rely on MayDone for all your needs.